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    Originally posted by dennis3232

    Tried it.
    Loved it after the first text I wrote!

    You're a genius!
    Like KR, abundance of kudos directed at the developer
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    Subject line says it all -- hold down "e" in a Blazer text field and you just get the usual "eeeeee".

    Lovely idea for a hack, but unfortunately no use to me at the moment as much of my typing is done into HTML forms on the web.
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    Works for me just as advertised! And having used a RIM for a long time, it's a welcome addition. I too see the problem with it not working in Blazer - probably something odd there in their interface (well, there's a lot odd in their interface <g>).

    I too would love to see the double-space to period option. Something else I missed from the RIM.

    Now, if anyone could figure out a way to add/edit entries in the "autotext" for the Treo I would feel like all of the RIM "advantages" had been addressed. What I mean by this is that when you type thats it becomes that's. I used to have a number of "shortcuts" in the RIM through autotext. Face it, doing a "shortcut" on the Treo takes almost as long as just typing it! Having to press S, then the ... then scrolling down three times for the shortcut symbol, then typing the shortcut isn't exactly handy. In the RIM I had things like "gg" became "<g>", dz became Danita Zanre, etc. Alas, I know of no way to "add" to these autotext features on the Treo.

    Someone once suggested some other add-on, but it seemed counter-intuitive to me. Maybe the next generation Treo will have all I want since there is the licensing agreement with RIM, and they can use some of the features they couldn't before.

    Oh well - long message just to really say I like this hack <g>!

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    Danitaz, try CorrectHack.

    Don't know where to find it off hand but I'm sure I found it in a thread on here. It should be easy enough to find and does exactly what you need (because I needed it myself).

    If you're really struggling to find it let me know and I'll email it to you.
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    Originally posted by Loccy
    [B]Danitaz, try CorrectHack.
    That's perfection! One thing - is there a way to get to the words other than going to XMaster (or whatever Hack assistant you are using) for editing, adding, etc.?

    Very pleased <g>.


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    Hello Appleman, yes you were right. With X-Master I got it working on the Treo 270. Thanks. Probably obvious to most people here, but the Treo is my first Palm OS device.

    Does anyone know how to turn off the auto-capitalisation of the letter "i"? In my language "i" equals the preposition "in" in English and I don't want it capitalised. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Originally posted by Loccy
    Subject line says it all -- hold down "e" in a Blazer text field and you just get the usual "eeeeee".
    That's a real shame. Blazer is one weird program. My other Treo hack (StayOnlineHack) also works everywhere except Blazer.

    If I get enough donations, I'll call Handspring's developer tech support ($195 per incident) to see if I can find out why.
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    By scanning through another thread, I found that backspace twice reverses the auto-correction of "i" to "I". Not a perfect solution, but I can live with it.
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    Installed KeyCapsHack and it is acting incorrectly.

    "Hold down" results in a cap, but when released a lower case letter always follows the cap. "Double-Click" option requires a "triple "click (not double) and doesn't always cut it. Any ideas?
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