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    Here's the deal: I spend about $150 per month on my home phone bill, which includes 3 lines (home line, home office line, and internet/fax line) and long distance expenses. I spend another $50 for my Voicestream Treo line ($3,000 anytime minutes) and another $50 for DirecPC satellite internet services. I use my business line and treo and internet line all day for my job.
    My total monthly cost: $250.00.

    If I dump my home phone lines and buy another Treo/Voicestream line, my total monthly cost would be $210. (2 Voicestream lines, 3000 anytime minutes each line for $100 total, free regional long distance; $110.00 per month for 2-way satellite internet and faxing services).

    I would save money ($40 per month), but my fear would be the loss in voice quality from switching my main business phone from a land-line to a cell phone. I can probably get a good Treo headset that would make my voice sound better. But I need my phone calls to sound professional, and not like I am speaking out of a tin can.

    How does the sound compare with your Treo to your land-line phone? Would you do it if you were me?
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    If I were you I wouldn't use the Treo as a business phone. For $40 a month, it isn't worth the added hassle of a cell phone. Unless you live in a cell tower and don't mind being tethered to the sync-cable (if you need to make long phone calls, you'll need to not use the batteries), I guess it might work. But that being said, if I were on a business call with someone who is in their office, getting dropped or putting up with poor quality just is not an option.

    My two cents.
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    i wouldn't trust all your phone needs on the treo. Although my treo has been perfect, there's been a lot of reports of bad units. It's not worth the risk of downtime getting a replacement unit. The voice quality for me has been fine 95% of the time but again not worth the risk 5% in a business situation.
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    I'm not worried about downtime when my treo breaks. (I'm on my third unit) I have other GSM phones and can just swap the sim card over. It's the voice quality that worries me - Treo (or any cell phone) vs. the land line phone. I don't want to be talking to a potential new client with echo or static problems.
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    Oh okay. I've been with voicestream for more then a year now. The voice quality seems the same as my landline phone. Used to have some problems getting on network in nyc but once I did everything was great. I never have that problem anymore. Think they fixed it. I think u should just try out using only VS for a month and see how it is. Quality of service depends a lot on location.
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    I use the Treo for most of my business calls. The only time it doesn't work so well is in conference calls. To be fair, it works better than the Motorola 7868W it replaced, but the problem with conference calls is that there are both quiet people and loud people on the same call, and that means that adjusting the volume is only a partial solution to hearing well. I take most conference calls on land lines as a result.

    You will need power around to use the Treo as an only phone unless you don't use the phone much. Figure 3 hours of talk on a charge.

    The great thing is having a single device that has all your contacts, is your phone, and lets you get information from the web or check email anywhere (in my case, anywhere Voicestream has service and isn't too congested).

    One thing -- compared to Verizon, Voicestream in Austin has fewer dead spots and drops more calls at random. With Verizon, I lost calls only in particular locations, and I always lost service in those locations. With Voicestream, I've found no such "always off" spots, but had pretty many calls just end abruptly, which I think might be a failure to pass me to the next cell tower, since this only happens when driving.
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    Personally, I wouldn't put all my eggs in one basket. Both land line and cell seems to be the best way to go. Besides, interferrence can come from either end of the call whether on land line or cell. Land lines tned to be an oxymoronic phrase anyway since much of all telephone traffic winds up on a microwave tower or a satellite somewhere.

    Was it you that flushed that toilette or your boss?

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    Originally posted by Distrachi
    ...The voice quality seems the same as my landline phone... I think u should just try out using only VS for a month and see how it is. Quality of service depends a lot on location.
    Good idea to just try the Treo out full time before jumping ship on the land line. I'm going to try using the Treo for most of my calls, and see how the voice quality works out. My wife tells me that if I'm in a quiet place, she can't tell whether I'm on the Treo or a regular phone.

    Conference calls aren't that big of a deal to me. I usually only have about one conference call a month, which is almost always placed by someone else.

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