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    Hello Treo - friends,

    I'm trying to connect to treocentral with the mobile version and Blazer, but it doesnīt work:

    I get the connect, pass the loggin and get the side with
    I stories I reviews I poll I discussion I

    but then no click on all four brings a result.

    There comes up, that some ...K were loaded, but nothing appears on the screen.

    Who can help me, because on the PC it works with my loggin also in the mobile version.

    Thx for help
    Walter from HMC
    wisdom is born by questions
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    Treo 750 both actuell over exchangeserver by 1&1
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    Make sure you have cookies enabled in the prefrences menu of Blazer.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff

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