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    Hey folks,

    A couple weeks ago I posted about the need for a volume hack for the Treo. Basically it would bump up the volume for a given setting by 3 or 4 bars, nothing big.

    I'd start on this myself, but I'm no programmer unfortunately - my knowledge ends with HTML and javascript.

    Anyone have any ideas on someone that could tackle such a thing?
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    I could use the same update for my Treo 270. The max volume of the handset isn't loud enough when not in speakerphone mode. Any advice?
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    I definitely second that! I have both the 180 and 270 and the 180 is ok, in fact I usually have the volume set in the middle. The 270 needs the volume set to max. I'm not sure but it seems that when listening to a recording such as the 611 recording, the volume is pretty loud, but when calling someone the volume is much lower. Maybe it's just me, but it's the same no matter who I talk with. And the speakerphone is hard to hear around any ambient noise.
    Does anyone know if this is a defect unit or are all 270's like this? I love the color and all, but the volume is bumming me out.

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