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    Can anyone outline exactly what kind of warranty a treo comes with? I know that reliability is not one of their strong points, and I already have my first replacement on the way (free of charge). But I'd like to know how long that is valid for?

    And I believe there is an extended warranty you can buy - when should I get this, and what will it do for me?

    I'm just expecting somewhat that I will have problems...I can live with that as long as I have a good warranty and HS resolves the problems as they come up - and I want to make sure I do all the stuff I need to do to keep the warranty going.
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    I trust you've surfed over to Handspring's site and downloaded the warranty info (in case you missed it, here is the link:

    They also offer an extended warranty past the original 1 year mark, which you can purchase up to 90 days (I think) until the end of the original warranty. This adds 1 year, plus 1 free screen replacement (yes, even if you break it). I have had this warranty on my other Visors and have gotten my money's worth [I seem to break a screen every 1-2 years].

    There are other threads here on insurance vs. warranties. Try searching.
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    Just read the terms at:

    "This Plan covers the cost of repairing or replacing the screen of your Visor handheld computer or Treo Communicator should it become inoperable due to a manufacturing defect. "

    Doesn't say it covers broken screens though...

    Could you please point out the place it says otherwise ?

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    Hmmm...that will teach me to assume that it was the same warranty I had on my Platinum. I agree, no specific mention of broken screen. maybe it would be better to go with the 3rd party insurance policies I have seen around.
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    The extended warranty which has an option for screen replacement is described here:
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    Ok, but has anyone gotten real insurance?

    Originally posted by rosswords in another thread
    An extended warranty is completely different from insurance. A true insurance policy will cover a lost or damaged PDA. Try Safeware Insurance at They charge about $50 a year for a minimum coverage of $770, which is enough for a replacement Treo.
    I checked with my local Voicestream shop yesterday, and they won't insure the Treo; so third party's my only option.

    So, the question is: Has anybody out there actually gotten coverage from Safeware, or anyone else for that matter, and attempted to file a claim? I'd love to find a reputable insurance company who is willing to cover my techno-geek, belt-bound, hand-held investment.
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    I got insurance with my phone in the UK. The shop offers a standard insurance for all phones - so its 2.99 / month whether you have a 100 phone or a 500 phone. It even covers water damage. Got to be a bargain.


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