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    I shipped my broken Pre in to get fixed 2 weeks ago. According to UPS, Palm received it last Thursday,but their website where you check how on how far along the repair is wasn't working, so I went to Palm Chat on Monday. The guy said they had received it and a new unit was already being shipped. I was ecstatic!
    So today I still hadn't been able to get in and check the shipping, so I went to Palm chat again. Apparently the guy I talked to on Monday was full of **** and they didn't even receive my device until yesterday. Additionally I have to wait another 5-7 days for it to be repaired and then another 5-7 for it to be shipped. No new unit as promised.
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    hmmmm sounds strangely familiar to what happened my GF with her palm centro..... she never got it back after they said it was water damage we was playin fone tag with them for over 3 months then eventually they LITERALLY stopped answering our calls as soon as we say yea we are calling about so n so and a device that we haven't received they would put us on hold for ever...... thats why i used to hate palm till web os came along but palm customer service does suck. and its always ppl that have no idea what a phone is lol all they do is read from the screen and and barely speak english.......

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