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    Hello, perhaps you can grant me a piece of your mind.

    I have a Visor Prism, was looking for a new cell-phone, when the Treo 270 came out. Now I'm on the fence on whether to get a 270 or get a cell-Visor combo. (I'm thinking of getting one of the newer Nokia phones)

    PDA uses: medium use, mostly text-related using Docs-to-go. Got some games, but mostly the strategy type, so no Zap! on my Visor.

    Cell-phone use: again, medium use, about 1 three-minute call a day. I'm not a chatterbox. :-)

    I do, however, use SMS a fair lot. Perhaps 5 messages a day, on average. Also, I used SMS to manage a group project, thus sending many multi-recipient SMS messages every day. This was using FunSMS.

    The good thing about the 270:
    - Only 1 thing to carry, and slimmer than the Prism. Means I don't have to buy that Levy's Mobile pants :-)
    - Integration btw PDA and Cell phone, only one address book to manage, etc.

    The bad:
    -SMS app is weak

    The good thing about the Nokia:
    -Has built in FM radio. (Though I don't know just how useful that feature is) :-)
    -Nokia is only half the price of the 270
    -Can use Springboard slot in Prism e.g. for memory, backup, MP3, etc.
    -Can still send multirecipient SMS messages.

    The bad:
    -two devices, two phonebooks to take care of.
    -bulging pants shown to be unattractive to the female of the species ;-) (well, bulges, yes, one single bulge, hmmm *_* )

    Any opinions on this quandary?

    Basically, I'm asking those with experience with the Treo 270 if this device is worth it, keeping in mind my type of communication means.

    Thanks in advance
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    I think as someone who doesn't really use the 16-bit screen and could get away with the 12-bit and someone who uses text a lot I think you should splurge for the Treo. I've tried using the keyboard and it is surprisingly comfortable and accurate. While I don't own a Treo 270 myself I can tell you that as for SMS you can download several other SMS apps that will work on the Treo.
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    Go for the Treo with the keyboard - especially if you're using SMS and text apps. The speed and accuracy of the keyboard blows graffiti away. Plus, with the Treo Keyboard Utils hack, you can get full cursor control for text apps.

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    Go for a Treo with keyboard (preferably a 270). Having used a 270 for about a month now, I can tell you that the form factor alone makes it worthwhile.

    I used to use a Prism with VisorPhone. While it was okay, now that I'm using a T270, I find myself wondering how I carried such a large device combo before.

    Your milage may vary, but I can't imagine carrying a separate phone and PDA. I have everything I need. Granted, I'm not into MP3's or huge databases, so I don't miss them. I do read a lot of docs and heavily use my datebook (Datebk5) and address book. Battery life has been excellent. Reception and service (in Washington, DC area via VoiceStream) has been great.
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    Thanks for all the replies.

    Originally posted by tantousha
    While I don't own a Treo 270 myself I can tell you that as for SMS you can download several other SMS apps that will work on the Treo.
    Do you know what SMS applications are available for the Treo? I've been very happy with FunSMS, and I hope to find an SMS app. that is at least as good.

    Thanks in advance
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    Why not continue to use FunSMS.

    Fomr it's palmgear page:

    "Support for Treo RocketSwitch"

    That definantly(sp) makes me think that it works with the Treo!

    Lookking at how you have described using your PDA+Cellphone, I think the Treo is perfect for you - especially for SMS. YOu'll send 10 times as many with the Treo due to the ease of it!
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