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    Help me!

    I am traveling at the moment and one day I decided to chat on AIM with my treo. I logged on then the treo froze. I pulled out the pen and restarted. But when i restarted i got an error with datamgr.cpp or somthing like that. So i warm booted and now my treo and phone work ok. But now i cannot connect to the internet. I turns out that when i go to network on the prefs it says the network library is not available. And when i try and launch AIM it gives me some error about "DataMgr.c, Line:8589, Index out of range" I have z'catalog and mc file and i heard that there is some file you can delete to get it to work. I cannot hotsync because i am traveling and i really want the internet to work again. Does anyone know what to do?!

    Thanks in advance,

    Arjun Lall

    if you have any additional questions about the problem please feel free to ask and ill try to answer to the best of my ability.
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    Well I soved my problem and decided to post the solution here so that
    if it happens to anyone else they will know what to do

    1) Warm boot your treo so that you can use it.
    2) Use Z'catalog or McFile or some other file management program and
    delete "SavedSystemPreferences" or somthing like that.
    3) After you delete restart your palm. It should start properly this
    4) reconfigure your preferences by using the prefs icon in the

    This solved the problem for me and offers an easy fix in case it
    happens again. Its kindof annoying because you have to redo all your
    prefs and re-register your programs but at least you can use the full
    functionality of your treo.

    Arjun Lall

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