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    I have a contract with Bell Mobility and rates for data plans are outrageous. I have had my Palm Pre for 10 months and average only around 15MB per month of data usage. So I removed the $25/mon data plan that gave me 500 MB per month however now if I incur any data traffic outside of WiFi they are going to hit me with significant charges. So my question is, I want to set up my Pre so that the G3 network is disabled completely so it only uses WiFi. I have noticed if I have WiFi on but no networks available, it will still use the G3 network and I don't want that. Anyone have any ideas???
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    I recommend for that. You can turn off data usage right from your device menu, so it's always there.
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    I think you can turnoff all data by going to the phone app --> phone menu --> preferences --> under network choose data roaming disabled and data usage off. I haven't tried this myself but this seems the most likely way.

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