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    I am using the freeware FileZ. I am wondering if just by deleting the program's prc and pdb is enough?
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    Some programs have multiple databases. All the ones I know about have databases next to each other. For example, databases in Handy Shopper are HS_name1, HS_name2, etc., so they are listed near the base program. Using Filez, you could in principle miss some of the databases.
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    The safest way to delete is to use the delete function on the Apps Launcher.

    All applications and associated databases have a unique Creator ID, and the delete function deletes all files using that Creator ID.

    I'm nor familiar with FileZ, but if it lets you view the Creator ID, then you can find and delete all related files.

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    Sure enough, Filez shows, and lets you sort by, creator. Thanks!

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