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    Last week, my 270 contracted the dreaded "Black Screen" disease. Of course, this had to happen the day before I was going away for a week. So, I dusted off my VisorPhone & Visor Deluxe and rode off into the sunset...

    Having been a Treo user since the 180g came out, the first thing I noticed was the size of the Visor/VisorPhone combo...what a monster! The larger screen was not worth the extra bulk.

    A second observation is that although I've only had a 270 for not quite a month, it is a big jump going back to using graffiti and a monchrome screen. I forgot what a pain in the **** it is to find that right lighting angle so you can read the screen.

    So... my advice for those trying to decide which unit to get:
    you won't regret it!

    One last thing: My replacement 270 came with the headset patch (PhoneHalLib.prc) in ROM!

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    How do you tell if you have the Headset Patch in ROM? My 270 is about a week old and I would like to check.

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    Originally posted by jym
    How do you tell if you have the Headset Patch in ROM?
    I used a program called RsrcEdit which is a resource editor. You can select to view only files in ROM & this is where I found the patch.


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