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    Anyone know about the possibility of the easter egg where the Handspring mascot is dancing (and then pressing the down key) revealing the ROM date of the unit?
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    In the Applications Launcher (Home), tap the time display at the top of the screen while holding the PageUp button.
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    I wanted to know if theat date IS actually the manufacturing date or the ROM date or whatever, some idea as to how old my Treo is? Anyone else care to share their Treo 90 Date?
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    The 270 doesn't produce a date, just a jumping Handspring and "brought to you by..."
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    my treo 270 does produce a date when i go through the steps described.
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    Please post the date if you can get it on your Treo. I am trying to find out if there is some rhyme or reason as far as the loose stylus issue is concerned. Are the units with newer "dates" actually rid of the loose stylus? Is it an issue affecting Treo's with older dates?
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    Mine's April 16 2002, 1:12:39 PM

    You can get the date by pressing up or down while the "Flip" screen comes on. The date appears in the upper left corner.
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    Mine has the same date and time.
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    same date too.
    no loose stylus.
    i would really like to know if there is a relationship b/w the screen going out and a date. anybody still have their unit that lost backlight and can tell us something about that? i guess the more of us who post the date on this the better for everybody in order to understand some of these bugs.
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    mine is May 29, 2002

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