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    I'm trying to get Clockpop to work on my Treo 270.

    I have TreoButton installed so I turned off the datebook button assignments (and also turned off the datebook button assignment in preferences). Oddly, Handyshopper, which had been assigned to [blue] datebook, now pops up when I push datebook. Previously, HS would only appear on [blue] datebook. This is weird because the datebook button assignment is now set to none.

    The appearance of HS prevents clockpop from firing up, because holding the datebook button down causes HS to restart every second or so. With datebook assigned to the datebook button, datebook cycles through different datebook views, again preventing clockpop from firing up.

    Is there a third way to set the program that launches from quickstart buttons, besides pref and Treobutton, that I might have on my system? I also have powerjog, findhack and Switcheroo running, but I don't see how any of these three programs could redefine the datebook button.

    Also, I would like to maintain the datebook button functionality, so if there is a solution which still fires up datebook+, and Clockpop after the set delay, that would be best. I don't see how that can happen, though, with datebook cycling through various views.
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    how about changing the trigger button in ClockPop to one of the other buttons?
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    The treo doesn't seem to have the other button choices.
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    you need to remember that even though the Treo's app buttons are apparently rearranged, they still send the same system function/call/command/whatever when pressed. I.E. pressing the Phone button doesn't send a "launch phone app" command, it sends a "app button #1 pressed" command. The OS and proferences then take it from there to launch the correct application based on your preferences.
    This is also how clockPop works. It's not actually looking for a "datebook button" to be pressed, it's looking for one of the 4 app buttons to be pressed. In the clockPop preferences, they're labeled, but with the Treo, they should simply be considered "button 1" "button 2" and so forth.

    The short of this is, try holding your PHONE button down, and see what happens.

    Did I guess right? Did ClockPop come up? That's because all Palms other than the Treo communicators have the Datebook button first, then address book, then todo, then memo (from left to right, skipping the scroll buttons). But that's only how they happen to be labeled on the hardware button itself. If I open up my Treo, and swap the positions of the phone book and address book buttons, that doesn't also swap which programs are launched when I press the button on the left. It will still launch the phone app, or whatever else I've told it to do in preferences. Just close your eyes and pretend that the icons on the Treo's buttons are the same, and in the same order, as the labels in the clockpop preferences.

    Let me know if you're still confused, or if ClockPop still won't pop up no matter what hardware button you hold down.

    Also, I have TreoButton with assignments for all my buttons (blue, and shift combinations as well) and they do not interfere with ClockPop or vice versa.

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    Greg Gaub:

    Not only did you solve my problem, but you also taught me something useful -- I had not understood that the Treo buttons linked up to the normal Palm buttons in this way. And treobutton didn't interfere.


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    On my Treo good working on SMS button.

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