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    I am looking for a virtual touchscreen that will allow me to enter a name while in Phone Mode, accessing my contacts, without opening up the phone to the keyboard. Can this be done?
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    Like the VK keyboard patch in Preware?
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    just put the phone app in card view and start typing. wquicker than any of the soft keyboards where you have to cut and past.

    rememer, tap once in the gesture are puts you in card view, but the call continues.
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    not sure. New at this. I just got the phone and don't like having to open it to access the contacts while driving
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    ok. However you will proably find it waaaay easier to open the slider and type with one thumb than to hit keys on a virtual keyboard, amd then cut and paste (cut and paste takes two hands for me).

    try my suggestion first. Leave the eyboard open (spacebar wakes it up%. Tap once on gesture area (where you backswipe) then use same thumb to type the first few letters. You will be amazed at universal search once you get the hang of it. Many don't realize it and scroll through names the hard way!!!
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    awesome. thanks
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    i want a good keyboard

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