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    I've never had a problem recycling my old feature phones. I've had a couple of LG's and a Motorola Razr. I just wiped them, and dropped them in the recycling bin at Best Buy.

    I still have all my Palms though. I own my Vx, M505, and my TX. None are really usable. I wore them out, but I never got rid of them.

    Anyone else still own their aged and infirm Palm devices?
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    Still have two treos. All the others are long gone.
    Since your post I am now lost for not keeping my older ones.
    Sprint: 2-TouchPad 32g, Frank.-Pre-2, Pre-, MiFi & 1-LG Lotus with Xlink tied to home handsets. Backups: 650 & 700wx

    HP Please release the CDMA Pre3 phones!
    We want them!!!
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    I know exactly how you feel SFHandyman! I just decided to start collecting them after a friend gave me back am m505 I had let him borrow a while ago.
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    Have a TX, and I still have a Clie N760C, but it doesn't work reliably anymore.
    Also, in a drawer is my trusty m100, first Palm I ever had! And in another drawer, a Vx.

    Come to think about it, I did have several PalmOS devices before my Pre
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    I still have two Visor Prisms, one Visor Deluxe, a Treo 650, a Treo 700, and a Centro, and they are all in working condition. Used to use the Prism on trips to Europe, with a sim card. Now I use my Centro.

    I think I have issues.
    Visor Deluxe->Visor Prism/Digital Link->Treo 650->Treo 700p->Pre->GSM Unlocked Pre 2 (wifi only)->FrankenPre + Touchpad 32 ->+ Touchpad 4G ATT + ATT Pre3 + 64 White Touchpad... bliss.
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    I think I still have my Vx in here somewhere.

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