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    I've had this problem with my treo but only when I was on international roaming in the UK and only in the UK when I connected to a Vodaphone network. I was using BT CellNet for awhile and all was cool. I thought it was my device messing up, but when I was on Telia in Sweden messages came thru fine.. in addition when I returned to the US, all worked fine. It was just when I was in the UK that message "arrived" but with no text. When I re-connected to a network, I could get message for about 10-15 minutes, then the blanks would start arriving... turn off network/turn back on ... whammo .. message were arriving again with text... bottomline, it was just in the UK so my conclusion is that the network you are using is "incompatible" and/or fading and after awhile the text is lost...
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    I had the same expreience when i was in Germany last week. T-Mobile worked fine, but with E-plus i couldnt use neiter GPRS nor MMS.

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