so I was bored this morning and for some reason I just opened up notes and started typing away, almost as if I was a writer. After a few thousand words I realized I had written the most insightful, well written ''article'' of my life. Truly insightful and honest. I was proud of it. I read it to my roommate and he was immensly impressed. He convinced me to pm it to dieter to see if it was worth posting as an article. I think it was.
however I decided to set the phone down and go upstairs to the bathroom. I came downstairs to see my cat with slider open, pre in mouth take off to the kitchen....its her breakfast time and she gets mischievous when she's hungry.
I chased her screaming, she ran under the kitchen table, dropped the phone and put both paws on the phone face up, screen still open. I brib her with food to leave the phone, she concieds.
I pick up the phone, and the note is gone. My roommate, lets just say is um, laughing.... I was not immediately. But I am now, and sharing because, #1 when something that funny happens in real life, you just gotta share, and #2 free cat, has a good sense of humor...