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    I was looking through a forum and they had this video posted saying it was ridiculous and made no sense, so I watched it and noticed that the girl in the opening, middle and end remind me a lot of the palm girl in the webOS commercials that made no sense. So I thought I should post this here and see what you guys think, did Palm copy the girl from this 15 year old sega commercial?

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    My browser had an error and posted this multiple times.. Won't let me delete, sorry for the mishap
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    haha, creepy people don't sell things.
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    totally rite lol the girl from sega satur is the same from palm well palm girl is cuter
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    wow I remember I had this video on VHS and I use to drool about owning a Saturn but it was too expensive at the time so I never got one.
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    if that's where palm really got inspired by I'm shocked...other tan that I first thought that the people responsible for the advertising were gay. That's the impression I got from those creepy palm commercials
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    if they got inspiration from the saturn commercials they were stupid. The sega saturn did not do verry well in sales , coincidince maybe.

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