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    Why in the world has a company not done a universal wifi/ bluetooth controller to link up with the phone. I mean a real one. Something comparable to a playstation controller or a simple one like a smaller version of the super nintendo controller. it wont be long before you can start connecting your phone to a tv like the evo and start playing your games on tv. I mean imagine playing multiplayer nova on atv. Its really not a far-fetched idea. I believe the technology is already there they just have to do it.

    Omap 4 can run multiple screens
    hdmi to connect to tv
    wifi to connect up to 8 players i mean more like a max of 4 for games
    game graphics keep improving
    kick stand on a phone to play with controller when not using a tv

    Ever see those plug n play atari game at a walmart or toys r us? just as an idea. what do you guys think? My reasoning for this idea is that its just cheap gameing and lots of money for companies to make
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    better yet I wish there was a patch that would allow us to use our Pre's keyboard.
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    i think those are pretty lame excuses. If they came out with a controller at a reasonable price every single one of u guys would buy one and could care less about batteries or carrying something extra. Its not like your going to be carrying it every where you go. Teens especially would not care. I dont thing lag would really exist if it does it would be rare. mouse usually lags because the bluetooth dongle is too far from the mouse and there is interference.
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    I think there should be a d-pad on the battery cover, could also have action buttons and link via bluetooth. I guess that would make too much sense though. Although I wouldn't loose my pre 5 times a day in my pocket though lol
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    Well the technology isn't really there, especially on WebOS as the bluetooth stack does not include a gamepad profile.

    However, the mobile phones are nice and neat and can play some games, but UntidyGuy is absolutely right, why would you carry around an additional controller which cost 40-70 bucks instead of just buying an actual portable gaming device, with hundreds of high quality games and made to go through 8 - 12 hours worth of hard play on one charge.
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    I think using the keyboard makes extra controller, I don't know so much about. My Bluetooth, and headphones are already things I hate searching for, losing, or forgetting at home (along with extended batteries). For now I'm fine with touchscreen controls. But it def would be plus to play nova,gangstar, and assasins creed on bigger screens on our devices.
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    I would much rather prefer if we were given the option of using the pre/pixi keyboard for all games. At least I don't like playing with touch controls since it's so inaccurate and therefore frustrating at times, especially where precision matters i.e. platform games (if I a had a nickel for every time I fell into void simply because the touch control is so bad..) I don't really see what's so problematic in implementing support for the physical keyboard. After all it is one of the key features of the palm pre that sets it apart form other devices such as the iphone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluesen View Post
    I don't really see what's so problematic in implementing support for the physical keyboard. After all it is one of the key features of the palm pre that sets it apart form other devices such as the iphone.
    It seems to me that the pre/pixi's unique keyboard is exactly the problem. Most of the games are direct iphone ports at this point and the iphone has no physical keyboard. I'm just not sure developers are willing to invest in webOS to that degree at this point. Port existing games, sure, but not optimize them for physical keyboards.
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    very true, either way keep the games coming.
    the reason why I would say d-pad on the battery cover is with the larger battery back there is extra room anyways aside from where the battery is, so it is possible, and to me makes the most sense. Once hp opens the flood gates and adds reasources I think we will be at 2.0 with bluetooth by aug
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    The problem is, IMO, that the game designers aren't taking full advaantage of the multitouch capaiblities of todays capacitive screens.

    These screens can manage up to 5 fingers moving simultaneously - with that type of capability for game control, the experience could be much better than it currently is!
    "The more I learn, the more I realize just how little I really do know!" -Albert Einstein

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    this seems pretty cool hopefully something like this can come to webos when palm decides to work on the bluetooth

    Wii Controller Demo gets active, Android and Wiimote handle Donkey Kong on video -- Engadget
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    I was just telling my son last night I would love to have an exturnal controller for my pre to play games I would definitely get one

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