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    I own a Treo 270 - the first Palm device I've ever owned (used to be a PPC devotee).

    I am also thinking of buying a Sony NR70V. I therefore would like to know if two different Palm devices can "live" on one Win XP box? Obviously I will give each device a separate name, but should I have to reinstall Palm Desktop, or just use the version I installed that came with the Treo?

    Thanks in advance.

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    As long as you name each one something different, you can have more than one. I actually have more than one profile on my computer, though I only use one of them.
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    Unfortunately, when you're talking about a Sony and a Handspring living on the same computer, it's not such a "no brainer" as it is for other combinations. This is because of the non-standard way Sony is using the USB port. Heck, Handspring might be tweaking it a little as well. All I know is that when a Sony and a Handspring try to live on the same computer, it just doesn't alway happen. Your best bet is to install the Sony version of Palm Desktop, because it has a lot of little additions that the Handspring doesn't (such as the music moving software, card access software, and other stuff). So you'll need their software to get the most out of the Clie. I'm fairly certain that at that point, the Treo will stop syncing, but I can't be sure (since I don't have a clie to try it with). You might need to then install just the Handspring HotSync manager or something.

    Anyway, hopefully I'm completely wrong and that these problems have been previously worked out. If you get to the point that you have them both and can't get them both to work, post again and we'll see if we can round up some help. I believe the person who told me about the horrors of getting them to work together finally managed to do so, and I can find out how if necessary.

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    I owned a NR70V and I was not able to connect my Treo 270 not eaven when I uninstalled the Clie Palm Desktop so I had to Setup my hole System!

    Cu orangebutton
    Slower than my NR70 was but i love my Treo 270......

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