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    Dear Abby,

    I have just bought my Treo270 for a week or so. My wife has been complaining that I have lost interest in her, in sex, and only spend time with Treo, and that I am more interested in looking at the Treo than her. What should I do?

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    Get your wife a Treo, too!
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    Sell your Treo!
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    Sell your wife!
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    Your wife should try to act just like a Treo to get your attention.

    Let me make some guesses about your situation.

    1) I'll bet your wife has a full time job because if she was anything like a Treo...she would only work part-time.

    2) I'm sure that her parents take your side over your wife's more often than not. Because if your wife was anything like the would complain to her "creators" about the problems she has and they would act like there is absolutely nothing wrong and maybe sometimes even blame you.

    3) Not to sound psycho, but your wife probably has her brain and heart in tact, doesn't she??? be more like the Treo with it's missing SDIO slot, missing always on connection, missing graffiti....she should be missing some very important parts.
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    Good advice.

    That way you dont run the risk of losing both your wife and your Treo (in a divorce settlement).

    Your infatuation with the Treo will wear off eventually though.

    Originally posted by PDAENVY
    Sell your Treo!
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    Just curious. Are you married?
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    not yet!

    and btw I was just jokin

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