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    Can anyone recomend a time syncronization app? I used to have one called "Time Copy", but it's vanished into the ether between migration to the Treo and few hard resets on my old Edge.
    It's kind of odd really, most cellular phones constantly update their own time from the network; the Treo doesn't seem to do this -- although a hack might be possible, anyone game?
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    I use time sync from blue nomad.
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    Try Clockfix. It automatically accounts for time differences on the Palm's clock and updates itself automatically. Keeps near atomic clock time.
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    Do ca search for "time sync" without the quotes at and you should see a couple -- including timecopy.
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    Time Copy 1.4 is at palmgear, and it is freeware. Works fine on the Treo.
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    Now I can be sure that I'm late for that appointment.

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