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    Spotted this on PDA 24/7 this morning. PDA-247

    Just in from George- “A rumor from two SPRINT stores in Orlando. I was in two different SPRINT stores today getting info on an HTC Hero which my daughter purchased, yes, she has gone to the dark side, and picked up some info from the tech support guys.

    The first was that as soon as the exclusivity on Pre 2 expires, that SPRINT will be picking it up to replace the original Pre. The second was a bit more interesting. The techs each said, independently of each other, that PALM reps had been in the stores saying that the next web os phone was going to be coming out in late summer, having a almost the same format, but in a much beefier style, bigger screen, memory card, faster processor, and an edge to edge screen. Smaller than an iPhone, but bigger than Pre. Oh and one more thing that it would be 4G!!

    Im no expert, but they seemed to each be sincere, and said they personally liked the webOS better than the ANDROID OS.

    So thats what I have from the Orlando, Florida field today.

    Lets keep our fingers crossed…”
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    Not to knock you anything but the guy who claimed it posted the identical story here about 12 hours ago. Here is the link
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    Damn! Guess I didn't scroll down far enough to check. My bad.
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    Ha ha! Echos from the interwebs. "This must be true - I heard about it on 3 different sites!"

    And, as every tech savvy person knows, when you want to know about future, unannounced devices, you go to random Sprint stores in Orlando. The prognosticative track record for random Sprint customer service reps is well established. Oh yeah, it's well established...
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    hmmm, they need to launch a bad ***** device on all carriers.
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    it'd be amazing if they launched it in the uk. then it'd pretty much destroy the iphones deathgrip on us.
    heres to hoping

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