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    I'm in. Now matter what it is it has WebOS on it and that's for me.
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    i'll believe it when i see it! and exclusivity? wouldn't you think they'd give it to sprint first seeing as we were the "first" adopters (bell included )
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    Yeah I like the Pre's forum factor and a slightly bigger pre is going to be a great piece of hardware. Because then you can get some bigger keys and also you need to have room for the dual camera's and that 3.8in screen.

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    can i at least have flash first on my pre1? like now...
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    Sounds like its gonna be Sprint again. can Verizon ever get a Palm exclusive first?
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    They said smaller than iphone bigger than pre. Possible with little bezel.

    We need a place for all the rumors to be organized.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rlanza1054 View Post
    What does 'Pre 2' mean?

    Sprint has the original and everyone else has the Pre Plus.

    Can you clear up your sentence please.


    Plus is what I meant.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Osiris_C3 View Post
    I think beefier means better quality hardware.
    I believe that was the intent - better build quality, sturdier case.
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    Fantastic news and not a big surprise...thankfully. Actually, for those who love the Pre form factor I'd also suspect the Pre Plus landing on their doorstep sooner then later.

    Who knows really, but I'm excited and glad to hear some news about possible options. The size is welcome to me and I'd suspect it will bring a larger battery which we could all use. Sorli...
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    I need some new hardware news soon. The Evo 4G is creeping closer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by teejay69 View Post
    I was in two different SPRINT stores today getting info on an HTC Hero which my daughter purchased, yes, she has gone to the dark side, and picked up some info from the tech support guys.

    The first was that as soon as the exclusivity on Pre 2 expires, that SPRINT will be picking it up to replace the original Pre....
    I'm going to assume you meant Pre Plus, not 2.
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    I wouldn't mind it being a little bigger.
    If they put more screen on the blank gesture area (from the plus), and dedicate the bottom portion for gestures, then they could add another 1/2" of screen without changing the overall length. They would then need to add a third of an inch to width to maintain aspect ratio (or delete a little side bezel and no change at all).
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    I wouldn't mind it if it was a little bit bigger. I want the next gen to be more edged and not as rounded...
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    I bet rumors fly between those stores almost as fast as they do here. I doubt a Sprint tech would know anything about a new device (or that the one the OP spoke with ever actually saw a Palm rep). Palm is in stealth mode right now. We'll all know what is next when they are ready for us to know.
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    hopefully beefier also means more battery, but I'll bet that just makes up for more draw by the 4G radio . . .
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    I like the size of the pre but we already have that. HPalm needs to release new form factors and bigger is one of them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by YankBoy View Post
    I think the Pre is the perfect size as is.
    I really love the size of the pre,would love if it remain the same. ;-)
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    Larger screen would be nice so long as it takes up more real estate as opposed to making the device bigger in size with more real estate dedicated to casing.

    Obviously, better build quality in the hw (the term "robust" comes to mind with HTC-like build).

    WebOS 2.0 and a nice processor.
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    Would love for any of this to be true. Kinda doubt it is.
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