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    There's something that's been bothering me about a webOS tablet. In webOS there's a tight integration between the screen and keyboard. The universal search, and 'type to start searching mentality' shows how well this integration works. However on a tablet these functions wouldn't work as well. A popup onscreen keyboard would interfere with the whole process. And let's face it, onscreen keyboards are nice at times, but as the sole method of input for a computer sized device, it leaves something to be desired.

    That's where I think the shift comes in, webOS is going to have to be optimized for a tablet interface, and I think Palm / HP have a great opportunity here to make a splash with pen/digitizer input.
    The pen/tablet input combo just makes so much since. The combination of that and multitouch made the HP slate exciting. And if you think about it, palm has a history of pen input. The handwriting recognition on the old tx's was awsome. I wrote many pages on my novel on one. Tightly integrated into a tablet formfactor, with webOS to back it up, I think it's a winning combination.

    Perhaps it could be accomplished with the input panel style of windows 7 or go even a step further and do handwriting to text conversion right in input fields.

    However they do it the idea sounds interesting to me. The photo editing apps would fly off the shelf and I think it would be a huge differintiation point for the WebOS tablet and Ipad.

    What do you guys think?
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    I miss stylus and graffiti.
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    While the pen and grafitti methods were great (a second writing language to me on my old Palm IIIc) it seems like that now that would be moving backwards for Palm. I expect to be surprised by Palm with a very inovative imput method (or we may use a giant keyboard) who knows
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    My 2 cents:
    Input methods should not be locked into a single method. Ideally a pen input will be there for all possible inputs.
    I would also like an on-screen keyboard and some type of off-screen keyboard (slide out, blue tooth, laser projected (remember that tech?), etc.)
    We are proud of WebOS being an open system and providing choices. I think this should be another open choice.
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    I wasn't saying no soft keyboard, just I want pen / digitizer input too

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