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    My recent experiences: I visted various stores and discovered what has been discussed previously....beyond hardware, lag, etc, the issue for Palm is the "sellers". (My best friend was due for upgrade at sprint and he settled for the pixi b/c of form factor and it was more intro than the pre, since its his 1st smartphone).

    I visted 2 different best buys which had dummy demos on display, had to get real phones out of storage and they needed charging. The rep started blasting the phone, and talking droid, so I asked him to sell my friend and I on the droid without talking about apps, or google map...I wanted to know more about the os....the guy didnt know much of anything. I used lawyer like skills and admitted Palms shortcomings, like every 1st generation phone. Then I got excited to discuss the beauty is webOS (already briefed friend on different OS & told him what to expect from each store we visted), so I sold all the features, etc and the guy seemed stuned that I knew more about the different phones than he did, so he backed off. To end this visit, they had NO pixi, and one pre in stock.

    We later visted 2 sprint stores, they are pushing the evo in general as the latest and greatest. One location had no pixi real demo with a beatup pre, so we went to the second store, where they started talking evo after I told them my buddy was up for an upgrade. I told the lady I was a Palm guy and was interested in showing my buddy a live pixi. She then said, "may I ask why you are interested in the pixi", I couldnt contain myself to go after her, again with the beauty of webOS, etc.

    We later bought the pixi for $49.00 at a best buy after a previous store called them (they only had 2 pixis and 1 pre in stock).

    On a side note, I visted a Radio Shack yesterday for accessories and asked the store manager her opinion of the palm phone and why the blowout sell, etc....why did I do that. She went on and on of how horrible Palm was and they will be out of business soon.

    Again I could resist saying something, so I asked if she knew HP bought Palm and beauty of webOS while stating the hardware issues. Mind you, there was iphone posters, setups EVRYWHERE.....she then said, I m an iphone fan, so I dont care and we will not be carrying it anymore.

    I trust and hope with HP/Palm the little things will be corrected (hardware, apps), so the battle becomes b/w the OS and just flatout marketing.

    Sorry for the lengthy post, had to give my stories on battleing for webOS. I am not that teckie, but know enough from this site to get my wife and best friend on pixi, and soon 2 other friends who are in in market.
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    Next time you're in Best Buy, check out how many HP systems are on display. Then, visit every other retail outlet that stocks computers and do the same. Heck, if you're a Costco customer, go there and see how many HPs are for sale. Then, revisit your post.
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    I had the same experience at radio shack.
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    It's going to be a tuff road to recovery just because HP is buying Palm doesn't mean it's all waterfalls and unicorns. They need to start with amazing hardware and that will bring in the customers and once they see what webos really is everything than will be alright.

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    I really thought this was going to be another "blow off" thread, but I'm glad I read it. You are correct in your current assessment, but I think your outlook is needlessly gloomy.

    Back "in my day", the "tech OS wars" were in computers. Atari ST, Commodore Amiga, Apple Mac, and the basically abandoned IBM PC compatibles (pick a brand, any brand). Without exception, the first three that I listed were better OS's, more powerful, and other than bad decisions about closed architecture, better hardware.

    Then Windows came out, and gave the PC compatibles a prettier OS. After that, the first two were doomed to failure. They had their fanbase and devotees. They even had specialty dealers pushing their product (I know, I owned such a dealership), yet they went away (except for the Mac, of course). A large part of the reason was sheer numbers. There were more producers of IBM compatibles than there were producers of the others. Prices for PC compatibles went lower as the quality of the OS got better. I got out before I went under, because I knew "Someday, people will be buying their computers at K-Mart". The only reason I missed was that K-Mart went under, but go visit a Wal-Mart.

    I think it's worth noting that as the volume of the PC Compatibles picked up, the OS reached parity with those competing machines. Though there are hardcore Mac fans today that will insist their systems are "better", the facts are that competing arguments hold water. I suspect we're about to see the same thing happen in the SmartPhone arena.

    Today, the buyers are a lot savvier, but I still see the numbers game potential. One of the largest technology companies in the world, if not the largest, is buying Palm. If they put out the number of units that they are capable of, and they seem to be indicating they will, I suspect you'll see what happened with PC Compatibles & Macs in the PC arena duplicated with iPhone & HPalm in the smartphone world.

    If I were RIM, I'd be very worried right now.
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    sprint should be pushing the Evo until palm releases new hardware on sprint.
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    It's probably also worth noting that the largest mobile phone makers that only make "dumb phones", probably just missed the boat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Young HoV 718 View Post
    sprint should be pushing the Evo until palm releases new hardware on sprint.
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that the Evo wasn't released yet? It's bad business to push a phone that you don't have...a customer comes into your store to spend money, by all means, take their don't know if they will come back when that next great phone is released. I don't think AT&T reps are telling people not to buy an iphone 3gs because the 4 is coming soon (again, I could be wrong, but it's bad business).
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    Thanks for the responses: hparsons, my outlook is as bright as ever! just stating the obvious in-regards to my real-life experiences of dealing with the road block between the buyers of a Palms phone (reps, management at various stores...carriers).

    The average buyer has NO clue about whats good or great, so they may come in asking for a paticular phone, only to be heavly pushed to something else. Palm situation today reminds me of that player sitting on the bench with all the potential in the world, but has not been giving a fair chance to show his/her value b/c of politics and favoritism.

    Inconclusion, I am hopeful that things will change with the blocker (store reps, managers) b/c of what HP brings to the table for Palm webOS/phones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewakaMJ View Post
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that the Evo wasn't released yet? It's bad business to push a phone that you don't have...a customer comes into your store to spend money, by all means, take their don't know if they will come back when that next great phone is released. I don't think AT&T reps are telling people not to buy an iphone 3gs because the 4 is coming soon (again, I could be wrong, but it's bad business).
    The evo hasnt been released, but the reps are pre-selling it and tried to push my friend to wait until its out for his upgrade.....
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    OP i also think your post is overly gloomy. I felt the same way you felt after my last visit to a sprint store. Then i realized they had every reason focus on the Evo. They are in the process of pushing their 4g network and the evo is the only option at the moment.

    Radioshaq, verizon, best buy, etc must all be tired of the hardware issues and sluggish sales of webOS phones, so naturally their gonna push other more profitable phones, and probable stop making orders for the current crop of phones.

    There also another factor. Palms next phone has the opportunity to be a real crowd pleaser considering its a 2nd generation device. If carriers and retailers think they can make money off of it, they'll stock it. HP acquiring probably increased their faith in the platform as well.

    I also think HP has the bullying power to be successful in the mobile market rather quickly, similar to apples ability to be bully. I think the next gen of webOS will be a create opportunity for EVERYONE to clean their slate, and that exactly what i think everyone is doing by not pushing the pre or pixi.
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    While I think that it certainly will be an uphill battle as you say, and it is possible that Hp could slip up, it is certainly a possibility that webos becomes more than just an os for enthusiasts and hobbyists. Hp has the muscle to make webos a success, and I am not being a blind fan**y when I say that webos is a competitive platform. It is currently in its early stages and is in the same boat android was not too long ago. I know this is a matter of opinion, but I feel that google and apple are the only real competitors to webos, and all of the others are selling better simply because people don't know webos exists. We all know with some great hardware and some great marketing, webos can get the success it deserves.

    I hate to rehash what has been said a million times, but there is a right way to do this, Hp has the tools necessary to make webos a hit, it's just a matter of using those tools in the right way and not being negligent.
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    Ironically, this article (linked elswhere on the forum), is similar to what I said about PCs, but said in a slightly different manner.

    I think SmartPhones are going to be what PCs were. I don't agree completely with the author, but I think comparing SmartPhones to PCs, where PC Compatibles and Macs survived, it's going to be iPhones and HPalms. Right now, I think it's going to be a tossup between the two as to which one will be which one is the Mac, and which one is the PC.
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    I love PreCentral, you guys are awesome with your knowledge and prospectives from all angles.....I see many thoughtful and useful points.

    It will be an interseting ride the next couple yrs with HP/Palm and I plan to be aboard!
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    just don't change the name. 'Palm' must stay!!!
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    Well if anyone is looking for a 'good' sprint store in the Dallas area, the one in S. Garland on centerville is great.

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