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    I am really ticked off at Handspring.

    I had a record in my Address Book for Handspring. It had notes in it of a conversation that I had with a tech. It had a back-door phone number to get a live person @ Handspring. When I upgraded to a Treo, that entry mysteriously disappeared from my address book. This is the 2nd time that happened. When I upgraded from a VDX to a Prism the same thing happened.

    It ought to be against the law for Handspring to do stuff like that. Drives me NUTS!! How do I get that entry back? I made a copy of my directory before I upgraded, so I know that I have it

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    this is how to get it back,

    now, this is a simple way so you will not have to use any extra programs:

    - open palm desktop.

    - create a new user from the top right corner, name it "temp" for example.

    - close palm desktop (very imprtant).

    - go to your backup directory, find the user directory there (the dirctory name is your synch id if it short or part of it if it is long).

    - go to to the subdirectory "address" and copy all files there.

    - paste all these files in the palmdesktop directory under "/temp/address" replacing the exsisting files there.

    - finally, open palmdesktop and go to the user "temp" and you will see that your old adressbook is all there.

    hope it helps,

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