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    HP PSG Chief: Partners Will Not Be Left Out Of Palm Plans
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    Good article. I just hope its not fragmented like Android.
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    Yes, very interesting... Thanks for the update and I love good news! Sorli...
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    Thanks, can't wait.. IT's going to be amazing.
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    I think this is best part of the article:

    DeWitt told more than 1,000 partners at the HP Americas conference that HP has some "very bold plans" once the Palm acquisition receives regulatory approvals.

    "We believe very strongly that the future is going to be about connected devices, whether you are talking about individual client devices, mobile devices, telephones, televisions, Slates and future unknown devices," said DeWitt.

    "The one thing that we do know is these devices are going to be connected. People are going to want to have a common experience. They are going to want to have the ability to move applications and have a fantastic user experience whether they are using a mobile computing device, a handset or any sort of client device."

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