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    Many will say around June(the anniversary of the pre release) i doubt we will see any new hardware before fall....Just sayin what is logical
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    I'm guessing 'late summer'.
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    i wouldn't even count on late summer
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    announced in the fall and relesed in the winter (holiday shoppers).
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    i hope otherwise...
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    I'm hoping an annoucement by midsummer with a Septemberish release.
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    the 30th of Nevuary
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    Released with Version 1.5 update, early fall.
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    I am going to be realistic and say 2011 since they don't have any prototypes (that we know of) and they're in the middle of being bought out
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    Ruby hinted that they are working on new prototypes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by netwrkr9 View Post
    Ruby hinted that they are working on new prototypes.
    ???? do tell..
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    if they are currently testing prototypes then we might just have to wait till next CES lol
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    I am hoping october so I can upgrade during the black friday discounts.
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    I agree with a fall release...coming wit WebOS 1.5...
    next update is considered not substantial..WebOS 1.4.5..coming late may/early june..??? Give it about a month to find unforseen bugs/issues..with another update within month of last update ( in in aug/sept: release candidate for 1.5..?? Maybe announcement during dat time..??
    of course I would like to see it come earlier..
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    Was in radio shack buying a crapload of discounted stuff and they said mid summer for the second pre. They said something about exlusivity so I'm only guessing sprints getting the plus.
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    im eligible for upgrade in September...doubt any hardware by then
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    In my opinion it should be June because everyone that bought the Pre on launch day are Sprint Premier customers so that means we can update every year instead of every 2 years and if they don't come out with a new device then in my opinion a lot of people will go to the Evo
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    late summer, early fall.
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    We learn about it June/July, we get it November/December; CES 2011 if not later.
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