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    if i don't hear nothing soon, i'm thinking on getting the new Blackberry bold 2 9650 from sprint that comes out the 23rd
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    My best guess is no earlier than july and no later than november of this year
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    and I think this is a pretty good time frame, if its announced sometime during the summer or early fall, and released not too long after, then hopefully it will stop most potential converts from going with the e-blow 4g
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    HP or not, Palm cannot afford to wait on new hardware. It needs to get it out now, not November. Android is gaining too much steam and market presence. Maybe Palm can't do it on its own, but I think it would be a huge mistake to wait until November.
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    the longer they wait the closer the window of opportunity is closing...
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    Quote Originally Posted by hollabak009 View Post
    the longer they wait the closer the window of opportunity is closing...
    Nonsense. The smartphone market is still in its absolute infancy and the Pre and Pixi remain fantastic devices (especially at their current prices).
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    with HP on board, it probably won't happen until early next year at earliest.
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    I really hope they release it this summer. Ruby said they have new products in the pipeline and HP stated that Palm's roadmap isn't changing.

    You can bet your *** the Palm engineering team has been working on the Pre successor since the original was released last June. If they didn't have a new Pre scheduled for release this year it would be a horrible business decision.
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    im telling you now if new hardware doesnt come converting to something i dont want to use(google) webos..but im use to getting a new phone every 6 figure out how bored i am with this release date pre.
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    i hope by june or july.. cuz i realy wana stay with palm.. but everyday that goes by the evo keeps looking tempting
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    me too
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    Me three. Really might just get that EVO 4G myself. This is what they are up against- by waiting they risk losing the historic Palm customers to other things. Yes, the smartphone business may be in its infancy, but the market will be carved up pretty quickly by several dominant players and to wait on new hardware that is now ancient by smartphone standards until the fall would be crazy.
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    Hopefully, the Pre & Pixi get released on AT&T soon. I'm guessing that they'll mention something around June or so, with a fall. They need to put something out there to keep people interested so they'll wait or they'll lose bundles of customers to the Evo which already has a set time frame. But I doubt they'll wait 6 months like they did last time seeing how much steam they lost.
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    I see an early fall release as to have as little direct competition with the iphone and EVO. Last year they made the mistake of trying to take on the iphone head on and lost. They would do better to let the hype of both those phones wane before releasing a new phone. They also don't want to hurt AT&T sales of the plus.
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