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    apparently docs to go costs 50 bucks on other platforms... I don't care how good it is, i'm not paying 50 dollars to type. I'll wait for an open source solution. Anyways sooner, or later Google docs will improve their mobile version.
    Docs to Go for Android only costed $15.
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    Docs to Go is OK, and thats it! MS Office for mobile though is awesome! So hope that MS would make one for WebOS. Though its a competing OS MS would make money off the office suite so I don't see why they wouldnt at least try to get what money they can from people as everyone is not going to buy a Win7 Series anyways.
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    Why wouldn't Microsoft made Office Mobile for webOS, if there's money to be made in it? They're not as closed to other platforms as people keep insisting... they make a version of Office for the Macintosh, after all, and even keep it well-updated. In fact, the availability of Office for Mac is half of what keeps that platform in some semblance of life.
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    Read in another thread that Rubinstein was not on the conf call announcing the HP deal. Is this true?
    I wonder if HP is still negotiating terms with Palm management.
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    A quote from Palm News Daily on the fact that HP uses brand reps: "Itís not very hard to imagine a future scenario of a brand rep spending time at the phone section of Best Buy to help push webOS by HP phones is it? Imagine having a Precentral forum member stationed at the cell phone display hawking the latest and greatest details and demos to customers. Google wont be doing this anytime soon, nor will HTC or Blackberry. It is opportunities and resource capabilities like these that make me feel optimistic about not only webOSí survival but their ability to flourish moving forward."

    Interesting idea.
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    wow, would be terrific for Palm to have help from HP at point of sale
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    just realized that HP needs to buy Palm in order to get a strong foothold in the
    world of simple terminals for consumers and workers that will be hooked up to centralized web-based servers streaming content and accessing software (ie Job saying "the PC is dead"). HP's business right now is mostly PCs, is that right?, so it will need to be ready to access this newest arena. I've heard also that some of HP's servers are very popular.
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