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    I can't install the configure your treo software on either Mac 9 or X as it won't let me for some reason which I can't work out even tho I can hotsync my treo 180 on Palm desktop 4 under Mac X.
    How can I get my treo up and running for e-mail and internet access - can I use other software programs ?
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    Handspring's Support website has a lot of great troubleshooting articles. To manually configure the Treo, I would recommend starting here:

    This article walks through the setup process. Hope this helps.
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    No native support for OS X...

    See article:

    I'm using OS 9, so I never HotSync'd under OS X. You should be able to run the Treo configure app under OS 9. Or follow James' handy-dandy instructions.

    Great article... Thanks James!
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    I have managed to get myself up and running on both internet and e-mail - I just used my ISP details from my Imac apps and hep presto it's working great.
    I can also hot sync under Mac X no problem - I saw James's article and he says that it keeps re-installing apps. I had that problem too but it was solved - so far - by going into Sherlock, looking for the apps that kept reinstalling themselves and trashing them.

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