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    Pressure on Microsoft

    While HP hasn't publicly changed its plans to release a Windows-based tablet this year, buying Palm "doesn't show a lot of confidence [in] Windows," says Matt Rosoff, an analyst at the technology consulting company Directions on Microsoft.

    Microsoft has had a difficult time matching the success of its PC software franchises on other types of computing devices. The company has lost traction in the market for smartphones, and is counting on upcoming software called Windows Phone 7 to rekindle consumers' interest. Between November 2009 and February 2010, the number of U.S. smartphone subscribers who own a device that runs Windows declined from 19.1% to 15.1%, according to an Apr. 5 report from market researcher ComScore (SCOR).

    Microsoft's tablet computer efforts have also been unable to gain much momentum. Windows-based tablet PCs introduced in 2001 never gained widespread acceptance. In a blog post on Apr. 29, Microsoft spokesman Frank Shaw said the company wouldn't commercially release a new, uniquely styled two-screen tablet in the near future.

    HP's embrace of WebOS puts pressure on Microsoft in a number of ways. Analysts say HP will likely use the operating system in upcoming tablets, smartphones, netbooks, and even wireless printers. Richard Shim, an analyst at market researcher IDC, says Palm's software would let tablets boot up faster and run longer on a charge.

    Morgan Stanley (MS) analyst Adam Holt, who has an overweight rating on Microsoft shares, said in an Apr. 29 report that HP could sell 3.5 million tablet computers running WebOS this year, about half of its total tablet sales.
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    def not... Way to much R&D left to work on. We don't even have a document editor.. can't work on spreadsheets. It needs to bake in the oven a little longer.
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    I agree with antonio. Until Dataviz gets on the ball and gets document editing, I don't see a WebOS tablet pc anywhere on the horizon. Although, if it were to happen, I would buy one!
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    and besides I don't think webos can boot faster then win 7
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    R&D may move quicker now they have resources ($$$$) available to them.

    It could be very possible.
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    Dataviz might wait until the sale of Palm is final, but I can't imagine they won't be interested in working on data editing for WebOS now. The potential with HP is incredible. I'd expect something from Dataviz by the end of this year. Next spring at the latest.
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    3.5 million webos tablets this year? Come on. Even at rapid development pace, I don't see a tablet out before Dec at the earliest. Can't just slap on webos on a HP slate with intel interior. Need to delevop a brand new ARM based tablet and that takes time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by abegee View Post
    and besides I don't think webos can boot faster then win 7
    actually it might.. anyone try booting windows 7 on a 500mhz processor, and flash storage? also i heard (not sure) the pre syncs your mail, and stuff before booting up, so if you have slow internet, it takes longer.
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    There's no reason to believe that Palm doesn't have something already close to a completed tablet product. HP of course would have been shown this during negotiations. I'm willing to bet Palm has a number of prototype and proof-of-concept devices running WebOS. Perhaps the mythical C40 is a WebOS tablet. In this case it may be that such a device is immanent.

    At any rate my friends and I are already talking a camp out for such a device. It's all very exciting no matter what.
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    if m$ wont release the courier (windows-based tablet) why sould other companies do?
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    Take the guts of the C40/pre 2
    Add more ram and storage
    Slip into the shell of the HP Slate

    not much different from the ipad/iphone
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    With the resources of HP at hand I don't see much difficulty in getting a tablet with webOS up and running. I am sure that Dataviz is now looking at webOS in a different light now.
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    on a tablet, they may not need dataviz if they can run linux apps like open office.
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    That's not gonna happen. Even if, and that's a big if, HP had webOS and was developing a product based on it under license from Palm before it was acquired there would be too many procurement, manufacturing, marketing, distribution and support issues to overcome assuming that the product was ready for prime time. If HP is able to get a webOS tablet out for the holidays I will be impressed (and I may get one using my company discount).
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    Quote Originally Posted by abegee View Post
    and besides I don't think webos can boot faster then win 7
    It's not full boot that matters, it's how it idles and returns from sleep. My Pre is a much better "instant on" device than my Windows 7 Tablet PC. Although, I do think this entire issue is a little overblown--if I turn off password protection, my Tablet PC returns from sleep quickly enough, just not "instantly."

    Personally, if they don't have a better input mechanism on a slate device than an on-screen keyboard, I'm not terribly interested in it. On-screen keyboards on a larger format device are just terribly inefficient for creating anything other than a tweet or short email. If I could take handwritten notes (as actual digital ink), though, and sync them with a PC, then I'd be one happy camper.*

    Give it an active digitizer (i.e., a pen) or some kind of physical keyboard and I'm all over it. I just don't see a need for a device whose only truly efficient means of input is trying to peck on an on-screen keyboard.

    *Note: nothing I write here should be taken to mean that I wouldn't buy a webOS tablet the second it's released. I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't. I just wouldn't like it as much.
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    Oh, and if the analyst meant 3.5 million webOS tablets in HP's next fiscal year, then I can see that happening. And if they sold that many, along with 10 million or so webOS smartphones, man would we all be happy campers.

    If they meant 3.5 million webOS tablets this calendar year, then they're smoking crack.
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