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    Does anyone know how to do this? Just convert a midi file on the pc to a ringtone database for the Treo? Which software to use?
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    Try Palm MIDI Desktop. It worked for me. I now have a lovely long melody for a ringtone.
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    Palm MIDI Desktop is ok, if it works for you. I'm not real big on Java stuff, myself.

    My suggestion is HOHO! No, just kidding. HoHo can't do that... yet.

    My real suggestion Pilot Install, or Simply Install (same program). Not only is a great replacement install app, but it can automatically created palm docs from text files, standalone image files (no viewer on the palm required) , AND it can insert any MIDI file into your Palm's System_MIDI_Sounds.pdb database of alarm sounds. Best results come from a MIDI file that's only one channel monophonic, but it will strip off additional channels (leaving channel 1, I believe) for you. Sometimes the results are great, and sometimes less than what you expect. Anyway, it's free, VERY easy, and certainly worth a try. You can then use HoHo, Ringo, or TC Ringer (I think) to copy the tune from the alarm database to the ringtine database.

    Hope that helps!
    Seattle Palm Users Group!

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