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    Anyone know of any solutions for using GPS on Treo180?
    I'd definitely love to have a solution proivided for such system integration.

    It's a pity our Treo is not compatible with Springboards and the Magellan GPS attachment units.
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    I have not tried it, but Purple Data Cables sells a cable for connecting the Treo to serial accessories, such as a handheld GPS.
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    Thanks for the reply, but I've read about the data cable.

    There's really no point carrying my handheld GPS and connecting it to my Treo...might as well use the handheld GPS directly right?

    Heheh...anyway, in terms of practicability, I think the magellan GPS springboard would still be a good option. I just hope some company will manufacture one gps unit for our Treos....

    Best regards.
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    I don't think that the Magellan GPS would work with the Treo, since the Treo does not have a Springboard slot. There are GPS receivers available which are not the full handheld variety. One serial-only receiver is the Pharos iGPS-180, which I think is available with a Treo adapter.
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    I've checked out the DeLorme and Pharos...don't seems to recall any adaptors available for the Treo...

    Thanks for the info anyway....
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    Normally as my resealer wrote it should work but I haven't test it yet

    Search a reseller for the gps 6010 from rikaline and tell me more


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    Actually, the serial cable to a handheld GPS is a good idea. Sure you can use the standalone unit, but can you look up addresses with it? it is in color? Mapopolis on the Treo, with my Magellan 315 would work, It would just be two devices in my hand (sort of like how I used to have the Prism/cell phone hooked together with a cable) again. And you really only need the GPS to see where you are on the map, and what direction your going.

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    The Pharos iGPS-180 product support matrix ( has the Treo listed as "to be announced", though the website will let you order the adapter.
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    Well, It would be ideal if it's a handy all-in-one compact unit thing.
    I almost got the Benefon ESC GPS/GSM phone, but for the price and functionality, it's defnitely not worth the money.

    I'd love to be able to hook up my simple Garmin eTrex & GPS12 to my Treo, but more for the mapping functions like what Mr. CHristo1970 had said.... But if I needed to have the GPS on most of the time for logging of tracks, then i guess it'll be a bit pointless to have two units (the gps & the Treo) to be turned on.

    Let's say during trekking, it'll be awakard to hold two devices up... It's not a necessity for me, but more of a 'wish-list' to have a compact GPS unit for our Treo...

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