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    I am currently using a Blackberry and looking to maybe purchase another device. I need a phone, BB has announced OS 6 without a hint as to what devices will support it. I think it is crappy business.... But that asside...

    I have watched videos about the Palm Pre Plus. Looks like a very nice device ideed. I would like to ask a few questions first.

    1) When I started with Verizon I got a Tour and worked great! Moved onto the Droid Eris and could not get signal. Went back to a BB 8530 and signal was again good. Is the radio in the Palm as good as a BB (or better)? I work out of my home and device will mostly be here.

    2) With the HP deal, is this a good time to buy? Is this device gonna become dated overnight?

    3) I see there are some issues with yahoo mail. I use my BB for the push email. Is google mail well supported?

    4) Seen some issues with speakers on the device, is this a bad issue? I will be paying full price for the device and make sure I don't end up with a def device.

    I thank you in advance for the help! Does look like a great device indeed.

    EDIT: I would also like to ask. My wife says it looks like a girly device, is that an issue? Silly I know and sorry...LOL
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    1. Radio is outstanding for me.

    2. HP deal won't impact anything related to any purchase you will make this year.

    3. Nobody does e-mail like BB. If that's what you need, you will miss blackberry. If not, you will never look back.

    4. Never had a speaker problem. I got the insurance, and I am not afraid to use it.
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    One more thing... the BB video shows a future operating system that won't be worth much on the current crop of BB phones. The only BB that has a touch screen is the storm, and it isn't multi-touch. I don't see the benefit of owning a BB today so you can run a future operating system on a future phone.

    Same thing with Palm phones. I wouldn't buy one based on what the next-gen phone will be, because I will still have to buy the next-gen phone.

    I bought a Pre+ because it is the best phone for me today. And I like my Pre more every day.

    And Palm commercials are for girls, but the phones definitely appeal to guys. Once she sees how much you use it, and how it never leaves your hand, and how she has to compete with it for your attention... she will have a different opinion.
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    I was a BB user for years...Pearl, Storm 1, Tour, Storm 2. I went with the Pre Plus about 2-3 weeks ago and I can honestly say that I love the phone and especially WebOS. If you install the various patches on here and the 800mhz kernel, the phone is very fast.

    1. The Palm's radio seems to be better than any of the BB's that I had.

    2. I was worried about all this talk about Palm's demise, but I am very excited about HP's purchase. How can you not be?

    3. I rely on email every day. I have 3 accounts that I use daily - Gmail (personal), an IMAP account (work/personal) and an Exchange account (work). I don't miss my BB at all. All 3 accounts get the emails as they come in.

    4. No issues with the speaker so far.

    You should really give it a try. Even if you buy it for full retail, you still have 30 days. You'll be pretty happy with I think. Make sure to read up on how to install patches and the 800mhz kernel. It's really not as hard as it may sound and the developers all make it very easy to do.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    This is looking more and more like the phone to get.

    The Mi-Fi I see is now free. If I get a phone off Ebay or somewhere and add it to the plan will this apply?
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    Quote Originally Posted by corbintechboy View Post
    Thanks for the replies.

    This is looking more and more like the phone to get.

    The Mi-Fi I see is now free. If I get a phone off Ebay or somewhere and add it to the plan will this apply?
    You can get a brand new one from Verizon for $49. Why bother to get a new one? Your second one is free if you want to get a second line for your significant other.

    But, if you activated a used one, the hotspot should still be free. You can also start insurance only when you activate, so if you get a used phone, you should activate insurance for it. You can't add it later, even if it's a new phone.
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    if you get a phone from verizon then you get the servive for myfi free you just have to download the app from the catalog.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    You can get a brand new one from Verizon for $49. Why bother to get a new one? Your second one is free if you want to get a second line for your significant other.
    Actually I am going to have to purchase at full price. On Verizon it is $599 and I have seen it as low as $299 in the wild.

    I am without phone and in 4rd month of contract.
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    ouch.get insurance. Anything in the wild may have oreo or other issues...
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    Hey CTB

    I'm a recent convert from a BB curve 8330 having had my Pre Plus for about 3 weeks and had a lot of the same concerns (except it was my 14 yr old daughter that said the phone looked kind of girly :-).

    1) Radio -- have never noticed any issues yet and I cover a fair amount of time on the road. Haven't dropped any calls which is the major reason I stick with Verizon

    2) Timing -- I had concerns pre HP deal if Palm was going to be around in 6 months. I figured worse comes to worse, I can buy a phone at full price or rough it out for a year and buy it with the 1 yr upgrade. Now that "HPalm" is happening, I'd have no worries other than any technology is out of date in 6 months

    3) Email -- I actually have fewer issues with email on the Pre than I did on my BB. On the pre Yahoo, Google, and Exchange e-mails are all push. 50% of the time I get messages on my Pre before I get them in Outlook. I can also synchronize sub-folders which I could never do on the BB (I wasn't on BES). More importantly, contacts and calendar also synchronize in real time. I can make a change to a contact in Outlook. Immediately go to a meeting and the change is with me. No more synchronizing manually!

    4) Speakers -- I've not had an issue with the volume of the speaker for calls. I do sometimes have issues hearing the sounds/rings and am not terribly impressed with the sound quality for playing music through the speaker. Granted it's a <1" speaker so I'm not exactly expecting ear blasting music.

    5) Girly factor -- I didn't find it so, but my daughter did actually mention the same thing. I purchased a Sedio case and holster for it, and it actually looks very similar to my BB while clipped in. Out, it looks like any of several touchscreen devices. No girly issues or comments from anyone yet.

    What I miss from the BB:
    a) Battery. While I did typically charge my BB each evening, I had no issues making it until then. With the Pre, I typically get the 20% battery warning around dinner time if I didn't charge it on the ride home or during the day sometime
    b) No voice dial. I was a big voice dialer and even had an app (VLingo) for voice texting. There's not squat you can do with the microphone right now although they say its coming. My BT headset has its own voice dialing so I at least handled part of the issue
    c) No knowledge of holster. I grew very used to pulling the BB out of the holster and having it turn on and having it turn off when I put it back. I pull out the pre and it stares back at me totally black until I hit the button
    d) No sound profiles. Basically it has sounds on or off through a switch on top. I'd at least like to see something on the screen to remind me I turned the sounds off
    e) Applications/themes: While you can install homebrew apps and themes and even run the native Linux apps on the phone, you're pretty limited in apps that you can install and leave there through OS updates. I haven't made the leap in to homebrew apps or custom themes yet
    f) Autocorrect -- BB had a very nice autocorrect function for things like "im" going to "I'm" automatically that you could modify directly. The pre's is very limited and can only be modified through hacking or buying a homebrew app
    Rgds/Mark M.

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