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    Looks like my Treo 180 fell out of the side pocket of my bag in a cab here in NYC. It happened at 10:30 last night (6/28) on Spring Street in SoHo. I know the chances of my getting it back are just about zero, but just in case, if anyone sees an ad originating in NYC saying they have a Treo for sale with a dead battery and no charger or accessories, please let me know by e-mailing me at

    Wish I had bought insurance.

    On the bright side, I was getting really sick of the echo problem on my Treo, maybe now is a good time to switch to a 270 or something.
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    No one picked it up when you called it?

    Make sure you call your carrier and get the service cancelled.

    I felt like I lost mine today too! It came off my clip in my car.
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    Yeah, I tried calling it all night but no one picked up. Someone made an outgoing call on it at 4am this morning. I've been leaving messages at the number that was called but I'm only getting the answering machine there. I did put a stop to my service, so that's not a problem.
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    it couldn't hurt.

    things have been returned to their owners.
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    Very curious, I finally got through to the number that was called from my phone. It was the home number of the driver of the cab! He said someone called him on the phone but he could not hear him. He says he does not have the Treo. I am a little suspicious.
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    How would a passenger who found a Treo in the back seat of a cab, find and then call a cabbie's home number? That's A LOT suspicious! I would press the cabbie and his company. You never know, this mysterious back seat caller may return your property.
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    call the taxi and limo comm.
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    Life is what happens between Firmware releases.
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    The TLC forwarded me to the NYPD. I went to the local precinct and was told they couldn't help me. They won't trace the cab driver's number, or even call him, because they said I lost it, the cab driver didn't steal it. This is starting to look bleak.

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