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    This is an Open community Letter to HP in regards to the purchase of Palm and subsequent merger into your company. I am writing to specifically request that you take special note of three assets your company has which, from the stand point of this consumer, are some of the your most valuable.

    those are

    1) A fantastic Developer Relations team, devoted to openness and exchange of ideas with the developers.
    2) The best, bar non, independent development, and homebrew community on any mobile platform
    3) a vibrant, well informed, passoinate and involved enthusiaste commuinity here at precentral.

    one of the key aspects of these three assets is that they are integral to each other, there is a two way street between these groups. the developer relations, and even the corporate culture at palm, has embraced and welcomed both the homebrew community, and the enthusiast community. this is evident throughtout the history of the Pre and WebOS and can be seen as recently as this past week with the devrelations conference. this triad of assets creates real value, i believe, in the form of innovation, as well as free press (look at how the home-brew community helps light up gadget blogs).

    but for myself, and hopefully of interest to you, these three things have turned me into one of your greatest allies.

    I am the gadget nerd who friends and family often come to for advice, on all manner of gadget things. The fact that the support and enthusiasm from palm on down through developers and the community at large is so great, and, unique to the mobile space, cognizant of a less informed user base, as given me reason to evangelize for palm when I am asked what smartphone to get.

    I ask that you please recognize that the openness of the platform, the developer relations team, the homebrew community, and the enthusiasts at large, are all an integrated and positive asset that no other mobile manufacturer, even google, or nokia's maemo, can lay claim too.

    the fact that these different entities often work together to create solutions for problems, and bring possibilities into reality, make me feel comfortable in telling friends and family that the palm smartphone family is a good choice for them.

    please don't throw that away, but embrace it, foster it, and learn from it.

    I ask that the rest of the precentral community join me and adding their own reasons for keeping the devrelations team, supporting openness and home-brew, and embracing enthusiasts, or just reply in support.


    John Lawrence.
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    +1, I will add my reasons soon.
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    WebOS is great in its own right, but the Homebrew developers' ability to help users customize their WebOS devices to individual tastes is what makes this platform really special. No other mobile OS can do that. I'm proud to show off my Pre to BB, android, and iPhone users, and when I show them how easy it is to customize, they are blown away.
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    Wow, nicely written.
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    Very true!
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    I agree.
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    Count me in.
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    I agree, the homebrew, dev relations, and community have all helped me in so many ways. it makes me want palm to live on. I am picking out a smartphone for my parents, and these factors enter into my decision because i know that i can get answers for things when they have problems.
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    Send Mark Hurd an email and thank him for saving WebOS becuase we think it is the best mobile operating system available today.

    Mark Hurd
    Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President
    Hewlett-Packard Company


    HP Executive Team: Mark Hurd email
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flak1969 View Post
    Send Mark Hurd an email and thank him for saving WebOS becuase we think it is the best mobile operating system available today.

    Mark Hurd
    Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President
    Hewlett-Packard Company


    [url= Executive Team: Mark Hurd email[/url]
    thanks, I was wondering about sending off a letter, I wasn't sure if it should be to him or another exec at HP, like the one in charge of stratagie who was interviewed recently by forbes, or even JR hisself
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    +1 count me in.
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    #4. An enthusuastic and loyal user base. Enthusiastic and organized enough to beat all others in the tournament.
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    ps. Fire palm's entire marketing department.
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    We have enough youth, how about a fountain of smart?
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    HP: I've always recommended your computers and printers to my friends and family and in the work place. I own so much HP stuff it looks like Best Buy up in here. I'm a huge fan of Palm for the OS, the culture and the openness of the platform. I look forward to the renewed future of Palm and hope the openness and dev relations continue.
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    Awesome post!!!!!!
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    I can only second the ideas laid out in your letter Windzilla. I would like to add that the sense of team work and mutual support I find between all three legs of the tripod you described makes this the only OS that feels like family (in a good way). I also agree with GHT that the ability given by Homebrew, and allowed (even actively encouraged) by Palm, for each individual Pre or Pixi owner to customize their phone for their own specific needs is one of the most positive and beneficial results of this tripod.
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