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    im in!!
    i1000+ -> i90 -> i530 -> i730 -> i530 -> i730 -> i560 -> i930 -> i215 -> i860 -> i930 -> i860 -> i870 -> i880 -> i870 -> i850 -> i870 -> i830 -> i9 -> Pre
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    Thanks for starting the post. Hopefully HP will take note.

    Only things I would add are:

    1. More powerful hardware to run the OS.
    2. Keep the portrait slider with a physical KB (I only have one hand to work with and landscape KBs suck. I also hate on-screen/virtual KBs)
    3. Larger screen (starting to get far-sighted - darn it!)
    4. Glass screen to help with scratch-resistance
    5. 4G
    6. Memory expansion
    7. Battery life

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    Great post! Count me in!
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    Count me in too!
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    Agree'd with the addition that HP doesn't HP'ize the software. Please don't make it like your current printer software or insight manager. Let palm be palm and reap the profits of saving the best mobile OS I've ever used.
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    These reasons are absolutely what make webOS so appealing to me and for these reasons, I have turned many on to Palm and have gotten several people to drop their couriers and switch to Sprint to get the Palm Pre. The Palm Pre would would nothing more than a phone to me if I didn't feel so involved in the community here at precentral as well as the amazing openness that Palm gives the developers and it's community. Please, HP, let's keep things moving in the right direction :]

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    I sent one to Mark Hurd - actually posted my results in these forums somewhere...and they responded it within 30 minutes. I mentioned the same things as OP, though not nearly as eloquent, you did a great job! I also mentioned and they thanked me for sharing the website - it wasn't just a canned response. Somebody out there is at least reading these, so I think its worth it to tell people and get our opinions out there.
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    while i agree that all the points listed are very nice and important, i would argue that HP is going to move forward (while maybe not neglecting, but rather not embracing this) to make devices that are more similarly structured like the iphone. as much as we all hate that device it certainly has its positives.

    The mass majority of consumers want to be able to pull their device out of its box, turn it on and have it do what they want it to do. I would imagine that HP invested in Palm to sell the product, not to have it left to ruin.

    While innovation and consumer input are surely integral, the life of webos and palm will surely be determined by its sales. Hopefully HP can find a way to use all of the things this community believes makes this Company/OS/Device great while also not neglecting the everyday consumer.
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    I really support HP in regards to Palm.
    HP.. Please don't drop the ball, this community will now hold you accountable.
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    Great post! I just hope that the folks at HP are listening to what people have to say. The old addage goes that " the customer is always right..." and the Palm Webos community is the voice of the Palm customers.
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    You have written a nice letter. Because I am a member of the Grammar Police, I took the time to help out by updating your letter with a few corrections. Do with it what you wish.



    This is an Open Community Letter to HP in regards to the purchase of Palm and subsequent merger into your company. I am writing to specifically request that you take special note of three assets your company now has -- which, from the stand point of this consumer, are some of your most valuable.

    Those are:

    1) A fantastic Developer Relations team, devoted to openness and exchange of ideas with the developers.
    2) The best, bar none, independent development, and homebrew community on any mobile platform.
    3) A vibrant, well-informed, passionate and involved enthusiast community here at

    One of the key aspects of these three assets is that they are integral to each other, there is a two-way street between these groups. The Developer Relations, and even the corporate culture at Palm, has embraced and welcomed both the homebrew community, and the enthusiast community. This is evident throughout the history of the Palm Pre and webOS and can be seen as recently as this past week with the Palm Developer Day event. This triad of assets creates real value, I believe, in the form of innovation, as well as free press (look at how the homebrew community helps light up gadget blogs).

    But for myself, and hopefully of interest to you, these three things have turned me into one of your greatest allies.

    I am the gadget nerd who friends and family often come to for advice on all manner of gadget things. The fact that the support and enthusiasm from Palm on down through developers and the community at large is so great, and unique to the mobile space, cognizant of a less informed user base, has given me reason to evangelize for palm when I am asked what smartphone to get.

    I ask that you please recognize that the openness of the platform, the developer relations team, the homebrew community, and the enthusiasts at large, are all an integrated and positive asset that no other mobile manufacturer, even Google, or Nokia's Maemo (now merged with Moblin as MeeGo), can lay claim to.

    The fact that these different entities often work together to create solutions for problems, and bring possibilities into reality, make me feel comfortable in telling friends and family that the Palm smartphone family is a good choice for them.

    Please do not throw that away, but embrace it, foster it, and learn from it.

    I ask that the rest of the PreCentral community join me by adding their own reasons for keeping the Developer Relations team, supporting openness and homebrew, and embracing enthusiasts, or just reply in support.


    John Lawrence.
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    I couldn't agree more with windzilla! WebOS and the Homebrew community are the best bar none.

    A webOS fan and proud Pre owner from Canada
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    Fully agree. Happy HP bought Palm - Hoping they do the right thing.
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    HP you have a great opportunity with webOS. But please remember the openness of webOS is what makes it great. Help palm with their marketing and let palm make you a great OS for what will be the iPad killer you want.
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    Thanks for buying Palm!

    "The phone is personal again!"
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    I did a lot of research before choosing the Palm Pre. One of the biggest selling points for me was the fact that there was such a vibrant and thriving homebrew community for WebOS. I truly hope that with HP's merger with Palm the community will be encouraged to flourish even further and not be stifled and snuffed out. Please HP, help support us, and we in turn will gladly offer our full support to you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flak1969 View Post
    Send Mark Hurd an email and thank him for saving WebOS becuase we think it is the best mobile operating system available today.

    Mark Hurd
    Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President
    Hewlett-Packard Company


    HP Executive Team: Mark Hurd email
    Thanks for posting that link. Here's the note I just left for Mr. Hurd:

    I'm a Palm Pre Plus user on Verizon, and I wanted to express my excitement about HP's acquisition of Palm. I hope you understand what a loyal user base comes with Palm, and particularly with WebOS.

    I hope your intent is to continue to foster homebrew development, because to me that is the hidden gem of WebOS. The symbiotic relationship between Palm, their users, and WebOS developers makes the platform the best around.

    I look forward to seeing HP prove that to Apple, RIM, Google, and Microsoft
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    I sent a very simple email to Hurd, and received a response yesterday... Below is the transcript.. (i blotted out my personal information with dashes, and I reversed the order of email in order).. Hope this puts everyone at ease -

    -----Original Message-----
    From: []
    Sent: Wednesday, June 02, 2010 6:44 PM
    To: Feedback to the HP CEO
    Subject: Feedback to CEO and President Mark Hurd from Juan Negron

    This message has been rerouted to you by the HP.COM email Router.
    If this message has been sent to you in error, please send it to the mailbox at HP.COM ROUTER per the HP email directory. (R.C.ID 3236688-4705728-0603:0145)

    Original message follows:
    This is a message to HP's CEO, from a valued customer: Juan Negron.

    Customer's Phone: -------
    Customer's E-Mail: --------
    Feedback Area:
    - Product experience
    I understand that a purchase of Palm is being done, and is expected to close soon.. I truly believe that Palm has something really special with Web Os, as I am sure you have realized; evidently. It is my deepest wish and hope that Web Os continue to be supported and in the form of smartphones and continuing to be supported in that capacity.

    thank you very much for your atention to this matter.

    -- Sent from my Palm Pre

    From: External ceo-communication <>
    Date: Jun 7, 2010 4:24 PM
    Subject: RE: Feedback to CEO and President Mark Hurd from Juan Negron

    When we look at the market, we see an array of interconnected devices, including tablets, printers and,of course, smartphones. We believe webOS can become the backbone for many of HP's small form factor devises, and we expect to expand weOS's footprint beyond just the smartphone market, all while leveraging our financial strenght, scale and global reach to grow in smartphones.

    CEO Customer Relations
    Are bad people born that way? Or did something go terribly wrong?
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