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    Quote Originally Posted by wxman2003 View Post
    Gateway went belly up twice, genius.
    But you said they cease to exist which would imply they are no long in business at this point in time in which they are. They have had there trouble and was bought buy Acer but they are around to this date with the Gateway Inc name and logo. Gateway from the beginning never made anything decent. It was all proprietary useless garbage that had to be repaired. They started in the low-level PC market and never got out of it especially when they bought emachine which was a joke. So I'll repeat and say your post is horrible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by double1 View Post
    HP is a wannabe computer company

    Yeah, one of the biggest computer manufacturers in the world.

    They are such wannabe's
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhoff80 View Post
    There's two different product lines HP has in computing. Some of their consumer-grade laptops have had not the greatest build quality.

    The business-grade stuff though is rock solid.
    I agree with this statement. For those familiar with bicycle parts (Shimano). They make low grade parts that are basically junk (Cheap bikes found for $99) and upper end stuff on more expensive race/tour bicycles that is rock solid. I think HP is the same way. If you go into Sam's Club and buy a $399 laptop and say it falls apart this does not mean that all HP products are junk. I for one am very excited about the possibilities of a better hardware and a new HP slate with WebOs just makes me droooool!
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    I'm a Mac user, so from my viewpoint no major mfg PC is even close in regards to build quality. That said....If I had to choose a brown box laptop, i'd choose HP hands down (I have in the past when certain jobs required a PC laptop). I realize it isn't Apple quality, but it's the best of the brown box PC's IMO. So as long as they keep Palm independent and my Palm products are branded as just that, a Palm product, then I'm onboard.
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    wonder if we will see a hardware upgrade for those with known issues?
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    Quote Originally Posted by liketreo View Post
    I remember reading this article when it came out. Page 6 does not take into consideration the premium vs. non premium. The charts on the pages before show the premium computers have 1 to 3 percent less chance of failure... I am not sure the number of high end vs. low end computers that HP sales, but that would be interesting to find out. Time for a google search.
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    You know what I was thinking too... Palm's patent portfolio + HP's portfolio (who also own's Compaq's portfolio from the iPaq) I'm sure will build a solid foundation against competitors from suing the pants off of them.

    With all the potential tablets and phone's coming out, Apple will really be shaking at the knees now that their competitor has been saved from the darkness. Hopefully with the increase of money and support, they will be able to announce the forthcoming pre phone soooon.
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    Spoke to Verizon long time engineer last night and he observed that one of HP's products was very well thought of in the business community (one of the blade servers?).

    Hurd is also very well-thought of. He was not running the co at the time of the Compaq merger, we will have to wait and see how his team manages acquisitions.
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    so many bad posts in one thread, unbelievable. HP makes fantastic laptops. just because some of you dont know how to take care of it doesnt make it crap. everyone should be excited by this. i cant wait to see what type of products they will have run webOS.
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    The build quality of HP laptops is completely and totally irrelevant to future Palm/HP smartphones. The build quality of HP Smartphones *might* be relevant, if HP actually owned and operated the manufacturing plant that builds them, which they don't.

    Foxconn builds the Pre (and the iPhone) to the design specs issued by Palm. That situation will probably not change.

    What might change is that with a bigger R&D budget, Palm may be able to engineer out more of the flaws before production begins and sooner into the run.
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    the only thing hp really wanted from palm was the web0s....i had 2 hp laptops both died on me, their hp slate is a flop, so i dont expect quality in their products. i just hope that this buyout will keep web0s alive in a good way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jrcbandit View Post
    Mostly because HTC would have purchased Palm for its patent portfolio and would have likely discontinued WebOS after the Palm Pre/Pixi. HTC is too heavily invested in Android and the upcoming Windows 7 mobile.
    Yeah, now they are gonna get their butts sued off by Apple.
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    I like how within a day tons of people just became HP famboys. I did anyway. My mom's high end HP laptop is amazing, although that .pdf file isn't lieing about Toshiba quality. I've had my cheap/junky Toshiba laptop for over 4 years now, and haven't had a single problem. Well, except for problems that I've caused. I dropped it on its side with a mouse in the USB outlet, and well, that USB outlet and the mouse are now goners. But still, this baby has been dropped tons of times, and still works amazing. Oh wait, I'm talking about Toshiba now, sorry carry on with HP.
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    This actually gives me hope for the future of webos. I just hope that my pre will hold up until a new phone is developed.
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