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    This is just my experience at a Verizon store in western KY, but with positive news hard to come by around here lately thought it might be worth posting. Anyway, my fiance and I went in to get our separate plans merged into one family plan and upgrade our phones. I was already sold on upgrading my 700p (which has actually been quite a solid phone for around 4 years now) to a Pre Plus and I convinced my fiance to go with the Pre Plus too. However, we couldn't walk out of the store with them that day because they were sold out. According to the rep who was working with us, since Verizon dropped the price, both the Pre Plus and the Pixi Plus have been selling like hot cakes (at least at her store). In fact, another rep had a Pre Plus as her personal phone and loved it, she even let us play with it a bit so my fiance could get a feel for webOS. Anyway, we reserved our Pre Pluses and should have them in few days. It's only anecdotal evidence from one store, but apparently there Palm's products are selling quite well.

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    And the best thing about this fire sale? People who will have a taste of webOS will have a really hard time going back to any other smartphone platform. This, as long as they can upgrade to much better hardware.

    Let's face it: in about two years or so, smartphone hardware will most probably have matured to a point where specs won't really matter anymore. Pretty much like what happenned with PCs. In such a world, software will be king.

    And webOS will be the king of kings.
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    cool. Did you post the store address yet in this thread?:

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