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    Yesterday my Treo died (speaker ceased working in normal and speakerphone mode). This is the second time I've had to return a Treo since March. Handspring promised me THREE TIMES they'd have a replacement shipped to me overnight for receipt by today, important since I travel quite frequently and cannot afford to be our of touch by phone. Nor would I be at my shipping address after today for another two weeks.

    I called today to check on status, not having seen the replacement Treo at my shipping addressed as promised. They indicated it hadn't been shipped yet (as had been promised), and that the delivery location (and all other detail deliveries) could not be changed. They will have to wait for the Treo to be delivered (and refused) three times and back-shipped to them before resending the Treo to me at my new location.

    Just a word to the wise...

    1. Treo construction quality is marginal
    2. Don't depend on Handspring customer support to help you out when in a bind.

    Jonathan Heigel
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    Sorry, but I disagree. Because of the pathetic quality of their products I've dealt with their Customer Service many times and replaced units more than 8 times in only a matter of two years. That's a lot of frustration because I too is addicted to these units. Imagine being left without a PDA and a cellphone, it's a killer.

    However, if there is anything that keeps me loyal with Handspring, it's their CSR's. They may not have all the answers but they hardly hesitate to send me a replacement unit each time I have a problem. I doubt very much if I can get the same action from other competing companies.
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    Originally posted by edkalama
    I doubt very much if I can get the same action from other competing companies.
    Actully, good customer service is getting commonplace these days. I deal with Palm, Dell, CDW, 3COM, Toshiba and some others on a regular basis and Handspring has a long way to go before they reach the level of the other companies I just listed.

    The CSRs are friendly at Handspring which is good - but I would rather have them be informed and competent before I worried about them being friendly. Their inability to deal with order changes even 10 seconds after they've been placed shows a foundational problem with the entire Handspring customer relations infrastructure. Their inability to provide correct answers to product availability and order status places them in the lower third of CSR quality/capability in my experience. It's also why I'm a former Handspring customer.

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    Originally posted by Kupe

    It's also why I'm a former Handspring customer.

    Then why are you still posting here???
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    Originally posted by uncledrunkle

    Then why are you still posting here???
    To save others from the error of my ways.

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    Originally posted by Kupe

    To save others from the error of my ways.

    Get a life.
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    Last Thursday my Treo experienced the same problem. It was over 90 days old. I called and used the $25 replacement plan. I asked if it could be sent overnight that day for receipt on Friday as I was traveling on Monday. I was told it was too late in the afternoon to process and ship (it was about 3pm). On Friday, the replacement Treo arrived.

    Sometimes, a company's best intentions get screwed up. I don't think they purposely decided to screw you. Why don't you try to be a little more understanding? There are far more posts praising Handspring's service. There is a documented pattern of good service.
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    Last Friday my buddies 270 died and they promised a replacement to be shipped same day. He called everyday until he decided to just order another one online.

    Sure enough, the new order arrived this morning and he swapped his SIM. He then called support to find out where his replacement was and they said it still hadn't shipped and they don't know when it will.

    WTF? I can't believe HS does this. I hope my unit doesn't die.....

    Clean it up Handspring!!!
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    Finally received my Treo 180 replacement today, but not before I'd sent an email of frustration to Donna Dubinsky. Twenty minutes after sending my email off, I received a personal reply from Ms Dubinsky apologizing for the issue and promising to look into their distribution. Kudos to Handspring for staying real!
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    I was in Sydney Australia on Monday. Treo died. By Weds back in LA my replacement unit arrived. CSR was fantastic. I have NEVER had better customer service from any company. KUDOS to Handspring

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