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  • ME: I'll stick by palm until the end.

    120 61.86%
  • MAYBE: If they show me some improvement on their phones.

    54 27.84%
  • NOT ME: I'm ready to change my phone.

    20 10.31%
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    I'm like chucky... I'll be palm's friend till the end. lol
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    I am rolling until the wheels fall off.
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    I've been a Palm guy since the late 1990.... I've had a Palm Pilot III, V, Vx, M500, Kyocera 6035, Samsung i300, i330, i500, Palm Treo 700P, 755P, Centro, and now (2) first day available Palm Pre's (Sprint) but unless we get some new hardware (at least announced) before the EVO comes out, I've got to bail (at least for 1 year).

    It almost feels like cheating..... I've been such a Palm fan that the day after they announced the Pre at CES, I bought a bunch of Palm stock, and told friends and family to by some. Made some money on it while it was around $12.

    ...but come on Palm, give us something new, and SOON!!!
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    Well I got my Pre last fall & signed a 3 year term so, sure I'll stick around

    So far absolutely NO regrets whatsoever. Ask me again in 6 months
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    I'll be rolling with Palm FOREVER AND EVER...........................................................well, unless if Sprint becomes an iPhone Carrier, then i'll flip the switch fast.
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    I've had the first Palm Pilot and several Treo phones. I prefer webOS to Android/iPhone but if Palm doesn't announce a phone will killer specs before EVO is released, I'll likely make the jump to EVO. Palm's issue is the hardware, not the OS.

    Palm doesn't have the resources to go it alone and someone must purchase them. But most only want their patents. RIM is probably the only one who could actually focus on webOS as their future than any others. RIM won't base on Android since Google anonomously scans data, which corporate world won't go for.

    webOS is worth saving though, it really is the best smartphone OS out there. Hardware is the issue and poor Palm marketing. They need several form factors available that are updated every 6 months or they won't compete. They can't do that on their own.
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    Waiting to see what new hw will be unveiled. It would be difficult to leave WebOS.
    Achill3s' Palm Pre: Modded and patched to death!!
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    I love webOS, it won't be fun dropping it. Evo release is the deadline for me. I need to be excited aboult a palm product by then and know it will be released soon. Otherwise it's off to Evo for me.
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    The reason why Evo is the cutoff becauase it's actually hardware worth leaving for.
    Otherwise, Iphone? Nexus One? Droid? w/e...
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    I also am a Palm customer going way back. In fact my original software for the desktop was made by Borland and called the "Sidekick" (DOS). Palm then purchased it and it become their desktop.

    I am growing tired of seeing IPhone apps that I really need that I can't get on the Pre. I also feel really screwed as a Sprint customer that I get the low end Pre for being "loyal" and buying the first week that the Pre was announced.

    Add to that the financial instability and for the first time I am researching the IPhone and the IPad.

    Sorry Palm - you were a great friend!
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    I'll be staying with palm, best phone I've ever owned hands down! Unless android becomes more like webos I have no reason to consider switching.
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    I know there are some launch day owners who are on their original pre and that's great. I was on my third replacement since launch day and that phone had keyboard backlight issues. I just don't see Palm making an announcement and having a new device available around the time of the EVO coming out so I'm looking to get that. I'll miss webos but when my upgrade is up next year I'll reconsider Palm's offerings at that time.

    I'm not brand loyal, I'll use what works for me.
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    while I could upgrade in June, the evo is impractically large for my pockets.

    I also really like my pre, I don't think hardware wise it is worth it. I will wait until dual-core ARM phones are out and then look, sometime in december. Hopefully palm will have an option for me then.
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    first time palm user. I don't see myself using another OS. I'm fine with the pre's hardware as well. Fits my lifestyle perfectly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kedar View Post
    The reason why Evo is the cutoff becauase it's actually hardware worth leaving for.
    Otherwise, Iphone? Nexus One? Droid? w/e...
    yep, with the 800 kernal, I consider the pre better then all of those phones. The Evo just ups the game to much to ignore. Plus sense ui over android is pretty decent and getting better. Basically, evo hardware is good enough that I can tolerate a step back from webos.
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    Let's say that next month Palm declares chapter 7 liquidation and goes out of business. What will be the exact ramifications (concerning stuff like updates to OS, release of more official apps, warranties on our phone hardware, etc.) of this for those of us with PPPs and say more than a year left on our contracts with our carriers?
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    Since my update is not until 12/2010 i have some time, but if there is no SIGNIFICANT improvement it will be hard to not go somewhere else (ie.: android phones). As much as I love the pre (Love webOS), its hard to sit by and watch other phones fly by with improving hardware and although not better, not a terrible OS. In the end, Im not going to stick with Palm till the last dying days just to say I supported them while suffering through seeing improving options. As much as you want to hate android, the apps and google stuff (obviously!) are 10,000% more on android than compared to webOS. If there is an app, its out on iPhone, Blackberry and android now almost instantly, and sometimes randomly on webOS later on if at all (and I dont mean farting apps, i mean major banking, medical...well anything). All I hear about is, coming soon to webOS. Well soon may be too late.
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    Quote Originally Posted by agny6283 View Post
    first time palm user. I don't see myself using another OS. I'm fine with the pre's hardware as well. Fits my lifestyle perfectly.
    I say the same thing myself when i just got my first palm pre.
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    I was at the Palm Developer Day event this weekend, and they announced a lot of new capability being added to the developer SDK which will allow us to make much better apps. As such, I'm sticking with Palm and will work even harder creating new apps for the WebOS platform.

    The mood at Palm headquarters was very positive among the developers and Palm engineers, and I didn't sense any "impending doom" feeling there. They really put out the red carpet for us seasoned and new developers, and as such you'll be seeing a lot more apps coming in the next few months.

    Palm Apps:

    jVault and jChecklist
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    eligible for upgrage every june(great timing right?) but I will wait to see what MS. Puts out in the fall theb switch..phones arnt cheap. It's between evo and wp7.
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