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  • ME: I'll stick by palm until the end.

    120 61.86%
  • MAYBE: If they show me some improvement on their phones.

    54 27.84%
  • NOT ME: I'm ready to change my phone.

    20 10.31%
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    Quote Originally Posted by tk 421 View Post
    I am not a true technophile. For me, technology is a tool to enable productivity, not a means to an end. I became interested in Palm years ago, and the more I used one, the more my emphasis has been personal organization. Considering the wonderful interface of webOS, and the amazing functionality of the homebrew apps developped by members of PreCentral (Checkbook, Shopping Manager, MoreStocks, etc...), I cannot for the life of me imagine getting an iPhone HD this summer. For personal productivity, webOS is the best, and the PDK will only improve this.

    Of course, Super Monkey Ball would sweeten the deal. ^_-

    I'm confident Palm will be fine once they release a device with high Quality Control and better specs. The Pre (even the Plus version) is simply not powerful enough for webOS. A faster processor, a bigger screen, better build quality, as well as an eventual webGL acceleration of the GUI will truly make Palm shine again.

    Fall will be quite interesting indeed.
    I could not have stated it better,your confident in palm...make me feel really good to own a palm pre. I know palm wont let us down,comments like these are very uplifting. keep loving palm.
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    I love my Pre and my Pre loves me....What?
    "Patience, use the force, think." Obi-Wan

    Ready to try Preware? Get this first: Preware Homebrew Documentation
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    sticking with palm till the end, compaired to the android whos os is bo bo if it wanst for htc they wouldn't be sellin like they are, they app store has at least a year on ours so I expext them to have more apps and iphone is crap al they do is add stuff that's been around to their phones and make their buyers think it's the latest and greatest. Their ap store has like 3 years on palm so. Also you have no freedom with apple products so I won't be buyin non
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    Getting my pre plus last week. And getting a new 2 year contract for me and the wife. I'm ALL IN!

    I see lots of potential.. Webos is great. I need to start creating apps and help support webos.

    as a long time palm user I was very close to going droid.. But I thought lets give palm another shot. The free mobile hot spot helped too.. Lol.
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    My first Palm device and I love it. I was never an Apple fan which I believe is Palm biggest comp (Droid=confused paltform). I feel that Palm will work out some of there short comings and make the WebOS a viable smartphone operating system. I'm still on my first Pre (dropped it plenty of times) some nicks but still rockin. I also sport the 800mhz kernal (a must) which to me is what the phone should have been and will be in the future (even faster). So in short I'll stick with Palm in there trip through smartphone-wars!
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    Although the offers out there are quite tempting I really don't see myself being into any one of them. WebOS is simply beautiful. Unobtrusive alerts, synergy, real multitasking -- all these and more are capabilities unmatched by all other operating systems. The only thing WebOS needs is a solid new house.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rush View Post
    I could not have stated it better,your confident in palm...make me feel really good to own a palm pre. I know palm wont let us down,comments like these are very uplifting. keep loving palm.
    I'm not trying to cheer anybody up, really. Just stating my belief after researching the platform more seriously for the last week. I was actually considering the iPhone HD, but then it struck me that webOS already could do 90% of what I need in a mobile platform. Languages are the only weak spot, but it can be remedied.

    Remember how iPhone and Android did in their first year? They were HORRIBLE! The level of improvement of webOS in the first year is amazing. Fall will perhaps see the release of webOS 2.0, with full PDK and news APIs. Can't wait to play mkvs and avis on my Pre.

    Point is, if you want some Winnie the Pooh application, the Pre is not for you. But if want a device that will help you focus on the importnat things in life, webOS is perfect. An iPhone takes the focus on itself. A Palm helps you focus on the things that really matter. To me that is the most important distinction.

    People are making way too big a deal of the Dataviz situation. Palm said at the dev conference that mixed SDK/PDK apps will take longer. Dataviz is waiting for this. We'll get our doc editing apps. (Personally, I use LaTeX, so Word to go is a no-go).

    This said, there is no excuse for the lousy build quality of the Sprint Pre, nor for the Plus's keyboard issues. Palm brought this mess on themselves with very bad quality control. But things are improving.

    Just look at the number of copycats around. It seems everybody is copying Palm. Portrait sliders are everywhere now, and shiny black rocks are starting to appear, even from MS themselves. Make the screen and keyboard bigger, the whole device thinner, and watch sales fly.

    I am definitely not leaving Palm. Not by loyalty, but rather because the platform fills my needs the best.

    Let's hope Palm gets the ball rolling soon! (And hopefully there will be a monkey in that ball!)
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    As long as Palm is around my love affair with WebOS will continue! My Pre gets better and better every few running at 800mhz w/ CPU scaling and the Fast Card Animation patch I am fully satisfied w/ the speed and experience!

    w/ that said I can't wait to get my hands on WebOS 2.0 hardware with a larger HD screen and 1ghz processor!

    I know alot of folks complain because they need the latest and greatest but I'm married and as such I realize that perfection is elusive! There is value in having a good faithful companion that enhances your life. Sure I could chase every new piece of tail that walks bye lured by the promise of something better but in the end there is no place like home!

    And that's what WebOS is for me...Home!

    Now with that said if Palm dies...I'm going on a world tour haha!

    p.s. It's also helpful when your married and frustrated to look at one of your friends wives, a particularly repulsive one, and say "Damn I'm lucky! I could be him!"

    Thank God I have friends w/ BB's!

    Whenever I hear about a new feature being added to my buddies Nexus One, one of the few that I'm particularly jealous of, I think...

    "Damn! I could still be using a clunky *** BB w/ a P.O.S. web browser, overly complicated user experience and a stone age track ball that sticks on me every few months!"

    It helps.
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    i'm in the first-time palm user category and i REALLY want them to put out a kick-*** webOS phone that comes semi-close to the EVO in terms of specs. Being a technofile, it is really hard not to lust over the EVO right now, but my love for webOS will make it easier to overcome slightly inferior hardware, especially if they keep the keyboard.

    now that the iphone HD was leaked, they have to compete with those specs too. 1GHz processor, 5-8mp camera, front facing camera, great 3.7-inch screen, blah blah blah this we all know and want.
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    In terms of service, anywhere is pretty ****ty. In terms of the Palm, even though I've had problems I'm generally content with sticking around since the grass isn't going to be greener on the other side...
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    We are in April now and it's almost a year since palm unveil the palm pre to us,I believe they have something in store for us...sooner than later.
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    well of course I'll be sticking with them either if they get bought out and is tricked into it and WEB OS is scrapped (which is the stipulation on buyers if they do want the company prob why HTC denied the bid, also they dont have that much free cash either) or they bounce back and become one of the leading companies in the mobile industry ( I think the ladder) I only see this as hardtimes which I hope most people are not new too, and if you believe in something or someone like I do in Palm, and Web OS then you should stick with them and support them wether good or bad.
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    Definitely sticking with Palm, I am so spoiled by webOS I could never go back to anything else. Plus the community rocks!
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    I will stand by Palm. They may have made many major decisions that I don't agree with, and they may have spent far too many years resting on the laurels of PalmOS and the once groundbreaking Treo series... but there is still FAR more about Palm that I love and respect than that which I dislike or disagree with.

    Any doubts that I had in their ability to develop a product that had the potential to turn their downhill spiral around were eradicated the moment I saw WebOS running for the first time. It may not be the most polished or complete platform, but its fundamentals are unbelievably strong. Each and every day I use my Pre I find myself appreciating WebOS for many different reasons all over again.

    Here's an amusing story that I'm sure the people here will appreciate:

    My parents both recently decided it was time for them to join the smartphone revolution (about time, right?) ... So, they both bought iPhones, which I think in their cases was a good choice. They are technologically saavy, particularly my father, but WebOS is too young for their needs. Anyhow, after a few weeks of really getting into his iPhone, I had lunch with my Father and told him I was going to show him "how the user experience of using a smartphone *should* be." =)

    He was skeptical. I pulled out my Pre and started showing him how I could load up multiple cards, switch between them, etc... I went into Digloo, found an interesting article, grabbed the URL to the clipboard while loading it in a browser window... I started composing a message to my Dad as it loaded, and pasted the name and URL of the article into the message.. As it finished loading, I switched back over to the browser, picked one of the images that I found to be representative of the article, saved it to my phone, switched back to messaging, attached it to the message and sent it to him.

    He received the message... looked at it... paused for a second, looked back at my phone and said:

    "Wow. That *IS* a lot better than the iPhone."

    Palm forever, baby. =)
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