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    I was just thinking about the new Dell devices that were leaked, the new iPhone leak, and HTC Evo and started to wonder that now that we know what the next devices are that are coming out for the major players in the smartphone arena, does Palm either make an announcement or have some specs leak themselves.

    I would love for Palm to take a look at what is being done by these players and simply top them spec for spec hardware wise and push a major upgrade to webOS for this new phone by early to mid June. This would give Palm time to let the hype of these phones die down and make a big splash all on their own. This time though Palm needs to get their phone out before the next Apple phone is officially announced and released. Palm would capitalize on the iPhone leak.

    Honestly if Palm can get a quality piece of hardware out the door and market it effectively, they can recover quite a bit from the last year. This would either let them stay independent or make their business much more attractive to a buyer/investor.

    Anyways thats my take on how Palm can take advantage of the early leaks of the WP7 phones by dell, the iPhone, and the slew of upcoming Android phones. Palm needs to look closely at what they are doing and one up them. What does everyone else think?
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    Android adoption was pretty anemic with the release of the G1 (HTC Magic) until Motorola and HTC stepped up with decent hardware.
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    Android didn't manage to get anywhere until it got off of t-mobile
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    Yeah that's true too. The Nexus One t-mobile sales were pretty dismal.

    Unfortunately Palm is getting drowned out by the carriers pushing Android.
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    the more i think about it, the more i think palm is gonna keep quiet for a while. If they start leaking info of upcoming devices, it could adversely affect their ATT launch. Id love to be wrong about this though.

    if their current devices where far enough in development, it would be smarter for them to skip the pre+ and pixi+ on ATT, and just launch their next generation of devices, but they may have a ways to go on whatever they have in R&D
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    Since Palm has kept quiet so far on any kind of new hardware I've pretty much decided to keep my pre as a secondary device (sort of a better ipod touch I guess) while I use the EVO as my main line
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    that's what I'm thinking. porting my home line to an evo,getting a voip line and keeping my pre until the new palm device comes out
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    thats exactly why no announcment has been made on the new Palm device. Why would they announce new hardware before they launch the plus versions on AT&T and France, it would hurt what sales they hope to get from them. I suspect after they launch they will announce a new device, most likely on sprint for late summer early fall with the brand new WEB OS version they spoke about at the developers conference today.

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