10. Buy Palm stock. If you see potential in WebOS, then what better time to buy.
9. During a conversation, look up useless facts from Wikipedia using Universal Search. They will be shocked at how fast you found it.
8. Have a bored teen use your phone to play Need For Speed with the volume all the way up.
7. Use Facebook for WebOS. Every time you post your status from your Palm device, it will mention it next to your status. While you're at it, become a fan - or now "like" the Palm Pre.
6. Wear earphones. Even when not listening to music, people are intrigued by the mystery of what you're listening to.
5. Keep an extra Touchstone on your desk at work. Put your phone on it often.
4. Ask if anyone around you needs WiFi from your Verizon Pre Plus. You can even ask the iPhone/iPad users.
3. Always have a minimum of three apps running. Switch back and forth often. People will notice.
2. Let people use your Palm to make phone calls. Of course, show them how to use cards beforehand.
1. Use your Palm, use it often, and use it in crowded places.