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    I ve got a very large address book on my 180 ( >2000 names ) and when I go to look up a phone number by typing out the persons last name - the application is too slow and won't let me type past the first few characters.

    Typically, I only get to enter 2 characters before it starts beeping at me. Is there a way to get around this and let me type in several letters and have it search once I m closer to the name I m looking for? This has become one of the few annoying design things I'm not able to resolve with this otherwise great product.

    Was just wondering if anyone else has same issue

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    Are you starting with the persons first initail and than the last name initials?
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    Yeah, use the first inital first, then start with the last name. While the Treo will filter down by just last name, or even just first name, sometimes it will filter down far enough that you can't keep going even if there are several people in the list. This is because you can't start with first or last name, and then start with the last or first name. If you want to filter by first AND last name, you have to start with first inital, then with the last name.
    For example, if I enter gaub in my contacts, it will filter down to my whole family, but I can't then hit c for my sisters first inital. It will beep at me. BUT, if I start with c, then type gaub, it will go right to her. In fact, as soon as I type cg, she's the only one left and I can dial right away.
    I'm betting if you do first inital, then last name, you won't need to type as much, and it will filter down to a single person within a few characters. If not, don't forget you can quickly scroll through the list with the jog rocker or up/down scroll buttons.
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    WOW! I didn't know initials worked! COOL!
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    Wow - a fix for something that was really bugging me - thanks
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    Cool trick, Thanks

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