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    c40(?) will it ever be on the verizon network...I love my pre compaints other then battery and few missing apps/addons.. But with the Verizon's sale being so bad I wonder if Verizon will decide to do business with the newest Palm phone (C40) if ever released. (crosses fingers)...
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    we don't even know if c40 is a phone let alone which carrier will have it first
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    I would imagine that the c40 would go to sprint first, only because the whole wimax thing and at the moment since it is hot, so that is where i see the c40 going. It has been in the sprint inventory for some time now. and also sprint been sufering with the original pre a lot longer, so they are due for an upgrade.
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    c40 will be ours(sprint) first love my pree but its like being on pins and neddles cuz I never know if it will need replacing again. Hardware is the issue.
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    If Palm took anything away from their history of bad decisions, they should walk away with not being exclusive to ANYONE. If (and that's a big IF) they do come out with a c40 this year, they should release it on all networks at the same time and blow adverts out the door weeks before.

    Of course, I can tell you, they probably won't do any of this and will just fizzle out like they've done the past half dozen times.
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    The C40, if it's getting released this summer, may be a dual network release. It would explain why Sprint has already made the Evo it's flagship device months ahead of release instead of staying on it's haunches waiting to spring a surprise Palm flagship device.

    If the C40 is a fall release it still has the chance of becoming Sprints flagship phone and exclusive.

    All assuming the C40 is worthy enough to be a flagship device.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blueray View Post
    If Palm took anything away from their history of bad decisions, they should walk away with not being exclusive to ANYONE. If (and that's a big IF) they do come out with a c40 this year, they should release it on all networks at the same time and blow adverts out the door weeks before.

    Of course, I can tell you, they probably won't do any of this and will just fizzle out like they've done the past half dozen times.
    palm needs some sort of exclusive deals so the provider advertises, but they should go with something shorter, like 90 days, instead of 180.that would of been like the pre having beem realeased for verizon in septembre. If you think back,the pre still had plenty of hype then.(i got mine august 27 on bell, day of release.)
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    JR stated clearly that (If I am remembering his words correctly.. please correct me if Im wrong) in hindsight "perhaps the Sprint exclusive was too long". You can read into that what you like...

    My very humble opinion is this:

    The C40 versions (yes, I believe their will be 2 formats), will launch on Verizon and Sprint simultaneously, along with a GSM unlocked that will work on AT&T and Tmobile 3g networks.

    In other words, anyone and everyone who wants a C40 will be able to buy one and use it. Gee, what a concept!

    I don't believe that there will be any exclusivities... JR is smart enough now to have paid attention to the smartphone market... other than the iPhone, there will be no "forever phones".. but OS's will rule, and the key is to sell lots of phones, fast, as the smartphone market is changing at 3-4 month intervals, and you need the financial strength to keep up with it to compete.

    If the C40 phones are a blazing success, (which, would mean millions of phones sold in the quarter they are released), then PALM succeeds, and going forward, WebOS will gain heavy traction, and PALM can then afford to advertise/promote themselves, and not have to yield to the carrier's whims and preferences.

    One final thought for you all to ponder:

    There are approximately 3 billion cell phone users worldwide:

    .5b are CDMA and the rest are GSM.

    Maybe 100 - 200 million are smartphone users (this data isn't accurately tracked yet, but will be, shortly, but, Apple and Blackberry have most of that market, with Android creeping up fast).

    200 million out of 3 billion...

    See the potential?

    JR's smart.. I think he finally gets how to sell and who to sell to.
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    I agree with the above post ( and i myself and a sprint pre user) It would be wise to release a version of the C40 or whatever new devices they have in store on every carrier ASAP. I believe they will launch a new device on sprint first this summer just due to sprint not having anything new, and they made the most revenue with them. Though I really think they will make alot of money on AT&T, my reason is that AT&T likes having new devices with brand new OS's (hence the iphone in 07) they like embrassing new ideas and pushes it if they think they are bright ideas. In Palms Web OS case even as you can see they already started advertsing for it, I think they see Web OS like Apple back in 07. Either way I hope they release a new version on all carriers even tmobile by the fall, that way they will more then stay competitive. I think if you have a Web OS device with two different form factors (a slider and a slab) with a larger screen, and atleast 1ghz processor with all the other basic niks and craneys Palm will sell a whole lot of devices as long as the masses can get there hands on them. Meaning they need to have every major carrier with a new device by fall.
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    The only time Palm ever did a "proper" launch was in the case of the Treo 650 and the 700p. The 650 hit Sprint & GSM simultaneously in late 2004. The 700p hit Sprint and Verizon within a few days of each other in June 2006. Otherwise, someone has always lagged someone else (usually Sprint getting a head start or an the outright exclusive).

    I think it's critical that Palm stop playing games this time around. They are in pure survival mode. Release the C40 on Sprint and no more than 30-60 days later, release a C30 with identical specs but in 3G form on both VZW and GSM (either unlocked or with AT&T + international carriers). I can think of nearly a dozen people off the top of my head that I know personally that would've bought an unlocked/AT&T/Verizon Pre had it been available at some point in the 2nd half of 2009. But everyone (myself included) either stuck with what they had or went to iPhone/BlackBerry/Droid.

    That said, I don't expect to see my above scenario happening. Look how Verizon got spooked by Palm's spotty track record in the past. They were the final carrier to release the Treo 600 and the 650. Then they took a big gamble to launch the 700w and the 700p but then lagged again on the 700wx, 755p and 64mb Centro and of course the WebOS devices. And they never even offered the 800w, Treo Pro or 128mb Centro. Verizon has never been a been a big Palm support and I think they had made up their minds to dump Palm after the Centro until the strong response to the Pre at CES '09. Now that they've been burned and publicly blamed repeatedly by Ruby for the Pre Plus' failure (an inexcusable mistake in my book--the carriers are Palm's ONLY true customers!), I think it's safe to say that VZW is never again going to offer another Palm device, regardless of its specs. VZW's never acted so quickly to dump devices for "free" w/ contract and certainly not with free tethering package included! Even old devices (Samsung Omnia, Treo 700wx etc) that Verizon had a surplus of hung around longer before being discounted and they never were "free" direct from VZW. In all honesty, Palm let the Droid hit VZW before the "Plus" devices did due to an overly long Sprint exclusivity period. That was their #1 mistake (along with weak specs & a half-baked OS).

    The rumor mill is pointing to a Moto Droid 2 coming this summer as a well as a 4.1" AMOLED screen Moto Android handset w/ 1ghz Snapdragon as VZW's 3G response to the Sprint Evo 4G. Add those to big red's existing Android handsets and you've got no room left for anything Palm may produce. Sorry to sound so grim but I think that's just the harsh reality of things.
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