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    Personally I like the look of this. While it could benefit from some rounded edges, it looks like a luxury item. It's sleek, and looks well built. Even the placement of the USB connector on the bottom shows they know what they're doing. It's the small things that matter.

    The Palm Pre really suffers from craftsmanship, that much is clear. It's cheap looking, from the dinky plastic power and volume buttons, to the poorly designed microUSB port and flap on the side. And it feels cheap mostly because of the loose, poorly designed slider, and the liberal use of plastic. I love webOS, and want it and Palm to succeed, but they made a calculated error by being so cheap with the hardware. There are far too many issues with the device falling apart, and it simply doesn't have the same sort of feel and look as a an iPhone or a Droid. If they want to compete with those high-end phones, they need to make one that at least looks the part.

    The corners they cut with the quality of the physical device and their awful marketing (would it kill them to create a advertisement that actually highlights the key features of webOS much like the iPhone commercials?) are the two things that have put them on the brink of death.

    So if they want to succeed they need to come out with a device like this. Because while a lot of people in this thread think the Dell phone is fugly, they are likely in the minority. Hell, I think many on here including myself would agree that the Droid is rather ugly too. The keyboard is hideous on that thing and it's a big square brick. But apparently that hasn't stopped the thing from outselling the Pre by a large margin. Clearly it's more important to come out with a device that is well built and looks like a high-end device, rather than trying to create some original, pebble looking shape (but building it on the cheap with toy-like plastic pieces). Stick with what works Palm!
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    +1 onlinespending. I pretty much agree with your entire post.
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    I say we keep the design of the original pre, but make it bigger.
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    Those Dell phones look very sweet. Please Palm give us awesome hardware to go with the best smartphone platform!
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    I have no doubt that being a Dell, the build quality will be outstanding. But, they're making a mistake with the portrait keyboard. That's the biggest single thing that I dislike about the Pre. If you're a person with big hands, the keyboard is almost unusable.
    I want a Pre with a landscape keyboard.
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