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    I was one of those people who waited for a few hours on launch day last year to get the Pre. I liked the look of the WebOS before getting to the store, but when I saw the shape and size of the phone, I was excited. Then I actually played with the phone and was sold. The WebOS is by far the most intuitive phone operating system I've ever used. It just works.

    Here's the problem. As a "Sprint Premier Customer" I can get a new phone this summer. Palm's ongoing problems are giving me pause. Will Palm be around next year? I would like to stick with this operating system but there are a few glitches that irritate me. The data doesn't work right all of the time and must be reset, the GPS signal locking is slow and usually doesn't even work, the calendar is ok, but not great.

    So I am thinking about the Android platform. I like the small form factor of the Pre, but it would be nice not to have to slide open the keypad. On the other hand, the Pre looks great and fits in the pocket perfectly. My experience with Android has been limited to demos at Verizon and Sprint - so limited in time. It doesn't seem nearly as intuitive or easy to use as WebOS.

    What are your thoughts? Who has used both WebOS and Android 2.1 significantly and what are your experiences?

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    Android is kind of like the new Windows Mobile. I have a Hero and a Milestone on 2.1, and really they do all I need them to do, albeit with a few too many taps than I would like. It's really customisable though, you can have different home apps with different functionality, widgets are really useful for at a glance information and obviously integration with Google services is flawless (Gmail, calendar, Gmaps). It really depends on what you will be doing with your phone. I'm actually thinking of switching from Android to WebOS once a UK Pixi Plus shows up :-/
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    I'm typing this on an HTC Incredible right now. My line of work is voip framework development (building bits and pieces that are used to write softswitch features into apps: server, desktop, mobile, web, and embedded). I have used a bunch of mobile toys (weeks at a time) - 3Gs (bought for fiancee), Hero, Droid, Incredible, N900, Pre, Pixi, the pluses, and even the HD2 (puke). webOS is the best user experience, far and away. Using everything else is frustrating. The iphone has the MOST apps, along with some really good ones. You're not considering it, so I won't continue on with another tired iphone review (the lock in and ui are the two biggest downers for me). Let me just fill you in a bit on android 2.1 (latest):

    You can only sync one google calendar account, and it can only be setup during initial setup, so if work has google apps for your domain, and you have a personal account (or any scenario that's similar), you have to share your calendar(s) between account(s) and calendar selection for events is not as succinct as on webOS.

    Force closes all the time. In android, you'll be using a program, and a window will pop up telling you your app has force closed, and you can only close it. These come with little to no warning, and seem random - for the most part. Although I can certainly point out some repeat offenders, example: ebuddy, while typing a message, rotate the device... force close everytime.

    That brings up another good point, what is ebuddy? A chat client that connects to multiple chat accounts. The gchat app in android treats every account you add to the device, as a chat account. This sucks, what if you don't want a certain account's chat logged in, but you want to sync contacts (because we already know calendars are out)? The solution is to turn off gchat, use ebuddy and deal with force closes.

    There is nothing like synergy when the device is being used like this (which, in webOS, there are no problems with the default apps and multi account presense), and the gmail app is subpar compared to the webOS email client.

    Another issue, you remember when everyone was complaining about apps being limited to a certain partition, and you were limited to how many apps you could install, even if the device had tons of space left for media, etc? Yeah, android has the same problem (you can install to sdcard by finagaling it, although not as simple as the homebrew solution we had from webinternals).

    Rooting the device is a bit of a pain, but it is worth it. Free (and very capable) wifi tethering apps, overclocking, with rulesets for when to swap to which speed, ie; plugged in, battery lower than, temp higher than.

    Connectbot is an incredible ssh term for a mobile device. Barnacle tether is the best app of it's kind. And real vnc/rdp really count in a pinch.

    There is nothing to match how synergy works, nor a true replacement for drpodder (dpod is close'ish), or what's for dinner (a truly useful app).

    What webOS REALLY shines at, that nothing else comes close to is information management and organization. Between gestures, ui guidelines, synergy, and sensible defaults. If you need a device to help you keep track of the hectic parts of your life... nothing beats palmOS, with webOS as a close second, and being more enjoyable to use

    In short, webOS has the most potential, and it's sad to see so little focus on it. Stick with your pre for now, overclock it, and wait for the next (perhaps last?) Palm device.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dennisharrison View Post
    Force closes all the time.
    I've been using Android for a while now and I barely get any fc's, that's really up to the app itself, so not really good to judge an OS by its apps, otherwise WebOS gets shot down here.
    Quote Originally Posted by dennisharrison View Post
    the gmail app is subpar compared to the webOS email client.
    What makes you say this? I'm curious to know as I'm looking to get a WebOS device and would like to know what makes WebOS email app better than Android Gmail app. I find the Android gmail app quite good, supports labels and syncs well, has threaded messaging too. Only problem (I find) is it doesn't easily let you save images straight from an email to your gallery. What's your experience of the differences between the 2?
    Quote Originally Posted by dennisharrison View Post
    Another issue, you remember when everyone was complaining about apps being limited to a certain partition, and you were limited to how many apps you could install, even if the device had tons of space left for media, etc? Yeah, android has the same problem
    I agree, this is the WORST aspect of Android. In this day and age where you can have upto 64gb of memory on your phones, we have to pick and choose what apps we want because we can only fit so many onto the device. Google needs to fix this ASAP!
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    I've been debating this switch myself. The hardware on the Pre drives me nuts at times; squeaky/clicky pastic, slightly loose slider, and just last night I went to bed at midnight, battery was at 75%. I had forgot to put it in airplane mode, and when I got up at 6:30am, it was completely dead. Things like this happen every now and then, but other times it will easily last the night if left sitting.

    But the idea of switching to a different mobile OS really isn't so tempting. I haven't had much time to play around with Android either, and it really doesn't jump out at me the way WebOS did when I first saw it. I think I'll be hanging on to my Pre, and waiting to see what the next Palm device is like. Honestly though, I haven't even had my Pre a year, and I just don't see the hardware standing up over time. If it dies (or irritates me beyond my patience) before another device is announced, well, I guess I'll deal with that if/when it comes.

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